How does the news event reflect or relate to different ideologies?

Choose a current news event that has received significant media coverage. Conduct
research on the event and analyze it through the lens of an ideology, drawing upon the
concepts learned in Chapter 1. Consider the following questions:
1. How does the news event reflect or relate to different ideologies?
2. Can you identify any ideological biases or perspectives in the media coverage
of the event?
3. How do different political ideologies interpret and respond to the event?
4. Are there any underlying ideological assumptions or beliefs that shape the
way the event is portrayed?
5. What ideological factors might be influencing public opinion or policy
decisions regarding the event?
In your discussion, provide specific examples, evidence, and references to support your
analysis. Consider the ideologies discussed in Chapter 1, such as liberalism,
conservatism, socialism, anarchism, nationalism, and others. Share your insights and
engage in a thoughtful conversation with your peers, exploring the intersection between
the news event and the concepts of ideology
In order to answer this, you’ll need to ensure you understand the textbook’s working
definition of an “ideology”. We will spend a lot of time this semester talking about
various ideologies, so it’s important that you are able to identify not only in historical
reference but in contemporary everyday events.