Heads and Sells


Heads and Sells

Choose four fashion features and rewrite heads and sells for a different publication than those in which the features originally appeared. That is, if you find a feature in InStyle that speaks to you, you may choose to rewrite the head and sell for a Vogue audience.


To gain a better grasp on this area of fashion writing.

To practice writing heads and sells.

For example:

NYTimes.com Original Title: A Sandal’s Name Has Dolce & Gabbana Under Fire Again

Original Sell: The front row mulls the context of $2,395 shoes that some on social media see as glorifying slavery

Refinery29.com Re-Write Title: D&G – No Strangers to Scandal

Re-Write Sell: The “slave sandals with pompoms” going for a minor $2,395 – the latest blunder born from the Italian designers.


Heads and Sells

Sells are important features in fashion magazines as they make the article more enticing to the reader.

New York Times Original Article: The Elegance of Utilitarian Fashion.

Original sell: The new look, with abundant pockets, sporty zippers and generous silhouettes, favors both form and function.

Re-write title: Trendsetting items in utilitarian fashion.

Re-write sell: These classy items of clothing from leading designers will set tongues waggling.

New York Times original article: At Dior, Dramatic Lips and Clumpy Mascara.

Original sell: The house’s makeup director Peter Philips called the look “intense, almost dangerous.”

Re-write title: The golden rules of Mascara and lip liner revealed.

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Re-write sell: Most often, women end up with overdrawn liners which makes it obvious that they have applied make up.

Wall Street Journal Magazine original article: Men’s Watches That Command a Second Look.

Original sell: This season’s understated yet sophisticated timepieces from Piaget and Patek Philippe will contribute a subtle elegance to any look.

Re-write title: The Ideal Watch for the Modern Classy Man

Re-write sell: With vibrant styles and designs, these watches will definitely make you stand out from the rest.

Wall Street Journal Magazine original article: Yasu Michino’s Miami-Inspired Line of Bags.

Original sell: For this spring 2016 collection, the designer reinterpreted Miami’s tropical hues and mix of architectural styles.

Re-write title: Yasu Michino does it again: trendiest leather accessories.

Re-write sell: In this season, Yasu Michino has set tongues waggling and pushed the boundaries of classy bag designs by using a mix of architectural designs.