GUCCI FW2016 fashion review


Write a Fall2016 GUCCI ready-to-go fashion show review. Describe some details of these garments.

You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Your piece should articulate a well-formulated, coherent, and well-defined opinion on the collection.

Again, any review that you write should not only demonstrate clearly that you viewed the collection, but should also demonstrate your knowledge of the designer and his/her previous collections.


GUCCI FW2016 Fashion Review


GUCCI FW2016 Fashion Review
GUCCI FW2016 Fashion Review

The latest pieces in Gucci collection have attracted much attention among fashionistas worldwide.  Gucci continues to put more on aesthetics in the process establishing a distinctive style in the fashion industry. Gucci’s current collection features de-contextualized fashion items that add pomp and color in its new designs. The new ready-to-wear designs are eccentric, colorful and most importantly retro, reminiscent of the earlier designs. The dress in display is a long-sleeved that gives a sober look. This long-sleeved dress is retro of the 60’s fashion. The floral printed silk dress is the kind that can be worn while attending modest parties. A unique design in this dress is the long woolly hand sleeves that give it a retro feel. This dress blends perfectly with a variety of beauty ornaments such as bracelets, rings, and straps of lace up gillies. A small cap worn over gives the model the ultimate glamorous look.



GUCCI FW2016 Fashion Review
GUCCI FW2016 Fashion Review

This multi-colored Gucci long-sleeve mini dress gives the ultimate evening look – inspiring romance and rekindling intimacy. The dress is strikingly feminine and perfect for a romantic dinner. The long fur embroidered sleeves gives the dress a tinge of retro designs, yet its bright colors give it a contemporary look. The puffed sleeves the mini dress a retro look. Zip fastening is at the back which makes it concealed. The dresses come in a variety of colors ranging from light blue, pink, white, orange, magenta, pastel green, and yellow. This gives consumers more choices. The mini dress can be worn with various accessories such as trendy hats, leather bags, and flashy bracelets and rings.

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