Fashion Writers and Style Analysis Robin Givhan

Fashion Writers and Style Analysis -Robin Givhan

Robin Givhan is a celebrated fashion journalist who has won prestigious awards such as the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, this is a great honor to her because it is the first to be won by a fashion writer (Wilson, 2012). Other achievements of hers is that she was in the all-time 100 Fashion Icon list in the popular Time magazine.  She is down to earth and does not follow the masses rather follows her own intuition. In her tribute to prince she made it clear that fashion is what makes you feel comfortable by describing Prince’s fashion which would otherwise have been considered inappropriate (Givhan, 2016).

The wit with which she answered her questions with the interview she had with Kurt Soller one can tell that she is very passionate, committed and diverse .To her she would rather give her full attention to the show and later do the analysis and posting which is so thoughtful of her. She is unique in her own ways whereby she applauds designers who surpassed the general expectation of the people. Above all we can tell that creativity is her style since she loves designers like Thom Brow and JC Obando who are very creative. She believes that a good fashion statement is one which you would wear and feel good as opposed to that which will only appeal to a certain occasion thereby prefer the New York style to Paris style (Soller, 2013).

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Her love for diversity in the fashion world made her write articles about diversification in terms of models in the year 1996 and 1997 yet it’s a pity that not much has changed since then because there is no seriousness given to the industry in terms legislation and government support. We can see that she is a humanitarian by not only being interested in fashion itself but also the legal and rights aspect of it. On the same note she brings out her diversity in her book titled “One Night In Versailles” where she explore about fashion by understanding its history.

Saint Laurent is losing a great designer who brought some creative and amazing fashions that have been celebrated and seen its revenue triple. However keeping up the pas would not be easy since critics believe that his style won’t be remembered in history of fashion (Givhan, 2016).


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