Read and discuss two fashion opinion pieces wrote by Vanessa Friedman and Suzy Menkes.


Read, and discuss two fashion opinion pieces wrote by Vanessa Friedman and Suzy Menkes

What do you see as the focus of each of these pieces?How are they written?What are the differences in style, and tone between Vanessa Friedman and Suzy Menkes.Suzy Menkes:

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Analysis of Fashion Opinion Pieces

Friedman (2016) focuses on the style of top presidential candidates in the U.S., namely Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. It seems that the democrats have a better sense of style compared to their republican counterparts. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wore an assortment of colors that were not only spectacular but appeared to have been keenly selected for the democratic debate they were both attending. By wearing contrasting colors (white for Mrs. Clinton and black for Mr. Sanders), the duo complemented each other and generated an online frenzy. Menke (2014) focuses on how individuals can use an assortment of colors to bring life to the fashion world. Most people prefer dressing in conservative colors such as gray and beige. However, there are many other colors to choose from.

The article by Friedman is written in an easy language and facts presented in an easy and straightforward manner. This article presents facts in a brief way, and is entirely brief. On the other hand, the article by Menke is written in an intricate way. The article is also relatively longer. Friedman uses an informal tone to engage the readers. Reading the article, one can decipher the comical tone applied relating various political aspects and fashion. The comical tone makes the article interesting to read. The article by Menke applies a formal tone throughout. The tone used is thus objective, reasoned and informative. This article gives facts in a serious manner that captures the readers’ attention and draws them deeper towards the arguments made in the article.


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