Fashion review- London fashion week


Fig. 1.1: Klaus Nomi

Klaus Nomi
Klaus Nomi

Gareth Pugh is one of the world’s finest designers of all time. His presentation at the latest London Fashion Week held last weekend left the audience enthralled by the sheer creativity and unique collections presented. The first model on stage, Klaus Nomi, donned a hat that looked like a flying saucer and a spiky crown over the shoulders (Menkes, 2016). Gareth Pugh was not short of his campy artistic sense of style – Klaus Nomi’s dress featured a fantastical combination of gold regal grandeur and black.

Fig. 1.2: Chunky boots

Chunky boots
Chunky boots

The London Fashion Review was not without some jaw-dropping designs by Gareth Pugh (Cherrington, 2016). He displayed an eclectic mix of chunky biker boots, all black, and which could easily go with different colors of dress. With the color of the races matching that of the dress, the combination looked fantastic. This design of the dress was also quite simple, which clearly makes it easy to wear in different occasions.

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Fig. 1.3: Monochrome touches

Monochrome touches
Monochrome touches

The monochrome designs were quite enthralling, and revealed Gareth Pugh’s creativity in delivering unique designs. The striking desgins were the highlight of the catwalk during the London Fashion Week (Cherrington, 2016). The dress on the right features uniqed “spider web” design with stripes radiating from the lower back to the front.
The black and white stripes for the headdresss represent the sunburst (Menkes, 2016). This is especially clear on the headress with black and white stripes matching the top. The stiff colar of the top is desgined to reveal a part of the models bosom to the midsection. Gareth Pugh’s epic presentations has dominated the fashion industry for over a decade, specially in France where he used to stage most of the designs. After a decade in Paris, Gareth opted for London, and is surely rocking the fashion industry in the new haven.


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