Breaking news- Gun shooting


What is your opinion of the recent gun shooting?

Why does America lead the world in school shootings?

Not only your opinion, ask friends around you, what they really thinks about guns?

How can we change the status?

Reaserch breaking news online, and to familiarize yourself with brainstorming ideas.


Breaking news- Shooting

As a community who live in the same area, we are prone to get into conflict in one way or another from time to time, but that is not a justification for some individuals to revenge through mass shooting. As a member of society, I would say that this is a dangerous and uncalled for as there are better ways of individuals to solve their differences in a more mature manner without endangering the lives of other individuals (Bardeen, 2013). In addition, there is no solution in a mass shooting, but rather, individuals creates more trouble in the society as the other group will prepare to strike back.

Racial segregation and terrorism are the main causes of the mass shooting in America. As we all know, American society is largely affected by the skin color of some of its citizens and in most cases, the black community is mistreated by the white community, and this brings trouble in the society as the blacks want to show they are equal humans. On the other hand, America is known to engage in almost every matter of other countries ranging from social to political matters especially for the Arab-speaking community which makes them angry. As a result, they think the only way to stop America from meddling in their affairs is to revenge.

The best way to avoid such scenarios is to eliminate the ideas in our social systems that the blacks are slave or a lesser community and start treating them as our brothers and sisters. With this, the feud between the whites and the blacks can end (Bardeen, 2013). On the other hand, America should let other countries take control of their affairs. Thus it should not meddle in their affairs unless necessary.


Bardeen, J. R. (2013). Emotion regulation difficulties as a prospective predictor of            posttraumatic stress symptoms following a mass shooting. Journal of anxiety     disorders, 27(2), , 188-196.

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