Review this project and write a short but detailed summary of this project. By reading this summary, the committee should have a solid sense of what you have created without having to read the full book. The summary should include what the project was about, why the project was created, and what methods you used to fulfill the intent of the project. About 150 words.

Second, write a report of it. In this section of the document, you will relay the details of your completed project to the Panel. You will want to address the following in an articulate and well thought out manner:

-Describe your personal interest and involvement with the project

-Describe Background information on your topic and how you came about choosing this project

-Describe any challenges you encountered with the project and how these challenges were overcome

-Describe what you feel you have learned from the project & your methods of working



Fashion designing is one of the most rewarding professions in the globe today.  A design process and procedures widely focus on a series of creative activities that includes research, analysis and decision making. However, for any designer to remain at the top of the chart in this industry, they have to show unique creativity to design their goods. With the level of creativity and competition in the industry, some of the designers are turning on the world famous and unique structures for ideas of their next design. This new trend which is widely referred to as architectural fashion design requires the designer to be a constant observer and a creative thinker as well as a listener, a careful interpreter and a skillful craft individual to transform what he sees in the structures into his goods. A good architecture, fashion designer should be in a position to understand style, composition, balance as well as human emotions and perception of the target market towards a particular design (Chang, 2014). However, having all the tools of designing is not good enough to create the best design, and thus, there is the need for the designer to think, feel and create with his or her heart.

As a garment designer, my personal interest in the project is to understand various techniques that I can employ in my area of expertise to attract more customers. Being in the industry for over a decade now, my main focus is keeping my customers happy by creating and bringing new designs from time to time. As a result, I need to understand new tricks that I can use to create new designs for my garments given the fact the competition in the industry is very high, and there is a high rate at which garment fashion changes. My basic involvement with the project is to travel to various parts of the world taking pictures of the most iconic structures that I feel can be transformed into garment designs and bring them learning purposes. Different designers use different strategies to design their garments with the help of these structures and having such a project can help in educating one another on various tricks to use to come up with a perfect garment design.

Architecture can be an inspiration for a fashion design to come up with a perfect and unique design that can be used to design products. Despite appearing or being a surprise to most individuals, designers have and are still using ideas from old and contemporary architectures to get ideas for their new designs. At times, designers merely use the overall theme of the building of a new design while on other occasions the same design may decide to use details to come up with a new garment design. Some of the dimensions that should be used to evaluate the credibility of a garment should be architecture, sculpture and the space that the fashion occupies which often affects the overall form of the design (Yoon, 2016). It is worth noting that architecture, fashion design is an influential medium that can lead to a social trend both locally and internationally.

Some of the basic challenges faced in the course of this project include:

  1. The unwillingness of most of the designers to share what they know and the tricks and techniques they employ to come up with new garment designs. Some of them felt that by revealing how they design their clothes, they will be inviting more competition.
  2. Increased traveling costs – as stated earlier, architecture fashion design mainly focuses on design goods based on certain structures. As a result, the designer needs to travel to various parts of the world to see these architectures in person or take pictures which might be costly to some designers.

It took a lot of convincing and time to make sure that all designers are aware of the importance of the project considering that it was meant to be like a workshop or a seminar where people share what they do and what they go through which can be a lesson to others. By revealing how or what they use, can be a risk as well as a benefit since they learn from others. On the other hand, to cope with the rising transportation cost, the facilitators and sponsors of this project decided to have traveling agencies that would take pictures of specific architectures and later send them to be used in the designing as well as learning.

Depending on the attitude of the members present, the project can be described as a success. In my part, I learned that it is not a must for the designer to use the whole them to create a new design, but rather he or she can use both theme and the details of the architecture (Chang, 2014). Moreover, it was quite clear that for one to be a successful designer, an individual must draw or write the details of his design when an idea pops up in their minds to ensure that they don’t miss any finer details regarding the new design.


Vintage Fashion Image


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