For this second essay I want you to write your own version of the essays we’ve read so far in class. Many of them are about things like first jobs, experiences in the neighborhood they grew up in, or experiences in society that change who they are.

Sample paper


Since ages, man has been known to be a social being who likes to associate himself with social groups that suit their interest and desires.  My childhood was not smooth as I would have loved mainly because I grew in a neighborhood that was constantly affected by the lack of security and theft as well as robbery.  Depending on the neighborhood a child grows up in, he or she can either lead a positive and a better life or he can a negative and a life full of misery.  A neighborhood can determine one’s destiny.

My earlier life took a wrong and a downturn when my father died at a tender age. At the time, my mouth was unemployed and being the first born I had to find a way to help her financially to raise my siblings.  As a result of our poor financial background, we were forced to move to Kosovo, a neighborhood that was famous for its black market deals and drug trafficking. Schooling was not a priority to me considering that my mother could not raise the money to fund my education and feed my siblings. As a result, I started taking up small jobs from wealthy families to make a living and help the rest of the family. However, after working for about two months, I noticed that my efforts of making a decent living were no bearing as many fruits as I would have liked. I had to find another way of making money or rather we would starve to death.

At the moment, I had found friendship in Jonas, who was a college dropout. He was a decent young man who was far much better financially than my family and made his daily bread from taking online jobs and helping high school students with their assignments.  Every evening after a long day work, I would pass by his house where we would sit down and listen to music from his computer. With time, I developed an interest in his work and begged him to teach and guide me so that I can make a living just like him. Being a friend, Jonas readily accepted my request, and soon I started training. My financial condition acted as a motivator, and I was giving, my all to the training so that I can take the minimum time to master all the necessary skills and start working.

This was like a dream come true.  After was relatively good, Jonas informed me that I could start working, but I need to purchase a laptop. This was a nightmare to me since I had no enough money to feed myself and my siblings leave alone to purchase a laptop. Lucky enough, he offered to provide me with one which would be repaid later after I earn enough money. The following day, I passed by his house, as usual, to pick up the laptop.  As I am writing this story, I am in prison serving my six-year sentence for handling stolen goods. My friend Jonas gave me a stolen computer, and he was only pretending to be my friend. As I came to learn later, Jonas was dealing with stolen products and only used his writing and assignment work as a diversion so that people would not suspect his devilish acts. He freed the neighborhood after I was apprehended by police and despite my innocence to pleas to the police; I was sentenced to serve six years in maximum prison.