1. Football related injuries are frequently covered in the news, and the implications of these ianjuries are often discussed. Has your attitude toward the game been affected by reports of injuries? Why or why not?
  2. Do some research on the invention of a new tactic in a sport then describe it in an essay.

Sample paper


Football is one of the many intense games where injuries are not far away from the prayers. Broken bones, ligament sprains and are some of the common examples of injuries suffered by football players. Over the years, the media, sports pundits, coaches and even players themselves have discussed the injuries and their implications which can either positively or negatively affect the game.  My attitude towards the game has been significantly affected by reports of injuries, after the reading of the article From the Blind Side by Michael Lewis. From the article, it is easy to point out that there are some players with bad intentions towards opposite players in the name of instilling fear in the minds and hearts or winning the game (Lewis, 2007). Despite their competitive nature and making a living out of sports, sports should be played for pleasure and relaxation and players should be careful not to injure others unless the injury is purely accidental. Injury reports in a sport such as football can discourage potential players from playing the game because of the fear of being injured.

Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the world today and watched by millions across the globe. A good soccer player must have the ability to make effective decisions during a soccer game. One of the new tactics employed in this game is the use of wing-backs.  For a long time, soccer teams have been playing with four defenders but in the recent past coaches are using five defenders: three center backs to defend and two wing backs to defend when the team loses the ball and attack the opponents when the team has the ball. This tactic has been effective considering that teams can have five players to defend as well as five players to attack.



Lewis, M. (2007). The blind side: Evolution of a game. WW Norton & Company.


Explain how faith is a part of this story, give me two examples of faith in the man and two examples of faith in the boy.