Discuss on how the boy in the story grapples with not being able to help someone to save himself.


  1. Discuss on how the boy in the story grapples with not being able to help someone to save himself. Discuss in essay form how you’ve had to not help someone to help yourself. Describe your own emotions and compare them to the boys.
  2. Discuss what the author means by “carrying the fire,” think about it now just literally but also as a theme in the book.

Sample paper

The road

Humanity and the desire to help those in trouble is one of the attributes that are unique and important in a human life. The boy in the essay the road feels so bad and dejected since he was not in a position to help the needy people who they met on the road and he is concerned that the bad guys would eventually eat them(Lowes, 2016). By leaving behind those people, they boy knew that they were as good as dead, but he could not do anything to save them. I remember this one afternoon we were watching a movie in the school hall when we heard a loud bang sound. At first, we did not realize what was going on, but after a few minutes, we heard screams all over: a boom had gone off, and the bad guys were sweeping the whole compound. As we run out of the room, my friend John fell and broke his leg. I tried to drag him along and knew I could not make out of the compound dragging him. I said my sorry and goodbye and ran for safety.  I was so sad and despised myself, but I knew I had to save my skin.

Considering that the whole place was full of bad people, the boy and the man we4re the only good people and had to keep their virtue and vice and not turn into the bad guy. By carrying the fire, the author shows that they were the pioneers of goodness in people and had to keep their good nature and try to influence others to leave their bad habits and adopt good habits to make the world a better place.


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