Equilibrium, Supply and Demand

BUS530 Managerial Economics

Module 1 Case

Equilibrium, Supply and Demand

Assignment Overview

Supply and Demand in the Real WorldA commodity is the focus of this case which uses real data for price fluctuations over 6 months. You will research reasons for the changes and develop a multifaceted economic analysis.

Case 1 ResourcesArticles on Supply and demand (2022) Pricing a Commodity: Challenges and Methods (2022)What is a Substitute? (2022)Determinants of Demand (2022)Present your data in a scatter chart or a line chartPage One Economics: The Science of Supply and Demand (2021)Present your data in a column chart

Case Assignment

Commodity Research and Economic Analysis

Provide a brief description of each visual. How to Label Figures in APA Format

Research the commodity from an economic standpoint (include supply and demand). Describe what is happening with the commodity during the 6 months. You may include information from the prior year. Find a balance between explanations, data, and statistics provided. You must decide what information should be included in this section. This section must be ¾ of a page in length.

Next, select a similar commodity in the same category; use the page’s comparison function and select “rate of change” comparison. Select a commodity that contains data (some on the page list do not contain the required data).