A campaign is an event held in an organized manner to promote a product, brand, firm or a corporation to be well familiarized by the public. Advertisement too is similar to the campaign which is the act of notification or publication of an opportunity, service or an occasion. Campaigns and advertisement of tobacco boost tremendously the usage of tobacco in a robust way. The execution strategy of campaigning and advertising of tobacco assists in creating buyers awareness which focuses on building higher recognition against its challengers. The shoppers become familiarized in a clear way the advantages and disadvantages of consuming tobacco. The buyers are persuaded and attracted to use the product by being provided with adequate information which the public ought to acquire. The team of campaigners and advertisers should use simple, understandable and a direct language which the consumers can fathom.

The action of advertising and campaigning tobacco should be done in online and offline platforms. Campaigning and advertising facilitate the spread and distribution of information in an accurate and timely way. Advertising on online platforms reduces the hiring of many employees, resulting in economizing of resources and time. The buyers can purchase the product in an online platform which can really evaluate the efficacy of campaigning and advertising tobacco. Offline platforms have advantages of marketing to the grassroots especially in the marginalized areas, and in circumstances where the public have queries about consumption of tobacco that can interact with the physical person. Tobacco campaigning and advertising influence the society by expanding its marketing segment there the companies that process the product earns a bigger profit. Positive advertising is an influential actualization in involving the public to use tobacco whereby the people use the product by knowing distinguishing its pros and cons. Negative campaigning and advertising drive away the public from consuming the tobacco and there is the very high probability of the company that processes tobacco from collapsing. Ministry of Public health should take the mandate to regulate and control the specific places and locations where the smokers can be enjoying the act of smoking.


Advertising is the objective announcement of data in matters of brands, ideas, services via the numerous social media platforms. It is often influential essentially and compensated by the acknowledged benefactors. Advertising results in a vital role in our daily life. It strikes in a unique way the idea and the manner of people reasoning. It instils an indelible mental attitude to the local people and also in internationally. The campaigning and advertising of tobacco make people understand the goodness and the badness of the product. Globally people have become used in matters of technical, and scientific which advertising takes this advantage. Politics and advertising are very closely intertwined. The political stability of a state enhances the advertising and campaigning of tobacco to be done in an easier manner. It permits the product to be presented in its original character traits which include; smell, stimulation effect, and the price itself. The empirical performance of campaigning and advertising tobacco consumption brings a significant role in challenging products. Advertising can be described as the application of mass media to make potential brands ideally or in a unique make to link the brands with attracted individual characteristics events, results or originalities. Sales promotion done by advertising integrates all the activities done for the sake of tobacco to be well known by the consumers. Advertising targets the clients who live in different localities in its trajectory. The product advertised should not go against the local and international law. Marketing tobacco should be brought creation, maintaining and boosting the demand for tobacco consumption in the market. Campaigning and advertising notify, makes the requirement for tobacco product to be perceived and apprehended by the consumers as an awesome product. The higher the people purchase the tobacco product the economy of the country rises and becomes stable reducing poverty and destitution. Campaigning for a tobacco product to different regions assists in the contentment of clients’ wants and needs. It helps greatly in developing the market program in focusing potential consumers who can boost the income per capita. In the marketing of tobacco technical, human, infrastructure and different levels of decoding the information are essential to determine. This paper will clearly elucidate the advantages and disadvantages of tobacco, methodology, and data analysis.

Literature Review

The first initial stage of advertising and campaigning for tobacco is to understand the clients one is endeavouring to sell the product in the contextualization of intended prospects and clients. Statistical research should be done and approved if collect the information is done and adding to whatever already known by the people. According to (Osiyevskyy 2018) being equipped with the right knowledge about a specific group brings a successful advertisement. The firms and corporations dealing with matters of processing tobacco should come up with the following agendas of advertising. It should have a vision, mission, resources used to market tobacco, the adequate message of the product, media which refers to different channels used in campaigning, and the realistic achievement done after marketing. The action done by marketing tobacco aims to reach psychographic and demographic groups starting with males as the major groups (Ulin, J.C 2013). Campaigning and advertising tobacco are done to multiply profits and sales, in applying significant mishmashes of packaging, advertising, prices, and distributing avenues to reach the intended target groups. The concentration of marketing becomes progressively essential as the client’s occurrence is structured crossways of developing a diversity of communication channels. The biggest tobacco processing companies in the United States of America has tremendously advanced product lines based and marketing methodologies on clients’ psychology, lifestyles, and aspirations (Cohen 2018). The campaigning and advertising strategies come up with the creativity and innovation of coupons and free samples in regions where youth adapt new techniques at the military, colleges, bars, and the workplaces.

Tobacco has the consequences of reducing depression, obesity and acquiring utmost pleasure by smoking. Corporations and firms processing tobacco can come up with a specific magazine which contains all stuff pertaining consumption of tobacco. Banners, flyers, and magazines have been extensively been used by companies to reach a specific group of people by persuading them. The general themes that are used in advertising of tobacco include; association with desirable outcomes, assuaging anxieties, and satisfaction. According to (Simons 2016) smokers love mostly to consume tobacco in recreational areas, stadiums, bars, and at businesses building such as malls. Campaigners and advertisers must note with a lot of concern to target these places so as to come up with maximum benefits.

The users of tobacco have manifested that its consumption brings contentment of luxury which is connected with strength, mildness, and freshness. Smoking of tobacco reduces anxiety by calming and stimulating the mind to perform a task with a lot of determination and diligence. Recreation, solitariness and individualism themes are methodologies that bring positive impacts in the marketing of tobacco (Kizer, E.A., 2017). The design used in packaging of tobacco attracts the consumers by far to buy the product in retail and wholesale terms. According to (Lempert, L.K. and Glantz, S.A., 2018) the marketers should target mostly men, and military groups so as the tobacco product to be relevant and purchased in the market segment. Women smoke less compared to men and therefore marketing to this gender needs the intelligence coming up with persuasive policies to win their wants. Women have been noted to consume cigarettes containing menthol in the United States. Firms and corporations come up with methodologies of romance, outdoor scenes and meeting them springtime to convince them about consumption of tobacco.

Female and male-targeted advertising influences in a unique way young generation from smoking. Corporations and firms develop competitive proposals in the market, product intention that eradicates irritating flavour and lowering the price of tobacco. In order to usher beginners’ freedom, brand images, proper communication concerning the merits and demerits of tobacco must be imparted exhaustively to every new group (Seman M. 2014). Sponsorship in sports in society and on social media has allowed Skoal, Copenhagen, and Marlboro to reach big numbers of young adults and youth. Wise planning enables to form heroes and heroines of sales agents who always target the potential consumers.

Tobacco firms and corporations campaign and advertise the product to attract public consciousness and preference among consumers so as to boost sales. Films and internet assist a lot in dealing with matters of advertising. According to (Osman, A. 2018) the advertising and campaigning of tobacco play a major important role for the people to come up with the new product in the market. It triggers the purchaser’s mind to buy the product. It enables the firms to widen their horizons and scope. It assists in expanding fresh markets for the brands and maintain the status at quo of tobacco. It enhances in anchoring a consolidated market where the consumers always yearn and desire to request and go for tobacco. Campaigning and advertising of tobacco in offline platforms helps to reach the communities who live at peripheries and not only targeting those who live in urban areas.

Marketing of tobacco have the consequential effects of mass processing of tobacco. It brings effectiveness in counter-attacking other worthy competitors in the market who produce the same product or a related product. Marketing is influential in leveraging willingness of the intended idea of meeting the clients. According to (Mazanov J.2016) the honesty, integrity, and transparency of information pertaining tobacco in advertising make the clients consume the product without any jitters. The pedagogical action done via advertising should benefit the firms and corporation that process tobacco in a universal way (Carroll A 2014). It should not benefit certain groups of people but it should target the common good of the whole company.

Research Methodology

The first methodology was done in campaigning and advertising tobacco is focusing the targeted consumers. This method is quite effective since the marketers interact freely with the clients, where they meet at a particular place and can discuss the pros and cons of tobacco. The clients should not shy away from asking questions concerning the product usage. The campaigners and advertisers should note keenly the interest of smokers and non-smokers in the area. Contribution from consumers, their remarks, and notions of the product helps in achieving realistic results by considering the opinions of consumers. The disadvantage of meeting the clients’ methodology has the demerits methodology that it cannot be distributed globally.

The second marketing methodology is the advertising research done in secondary level. The method involves using journals, twitter comments, facebooks, and Instagram. The merit of this method it is economical and can be done in a quick way. The task of the researcher is to look for the current information that can be used to in a particular area. Surveys are also very crucial and are mostly used by firms and companies in advertising (Brace I. 2018). When marketing tobacco a thorough survey should be done in the area and the proper findings discussed in a platform. Surveys are essential in evaluating the objectively of the product, coming up with questionnaires to ask the public, sampling, and coming up with analysis and synthesis pertaining the survey.

Qualitative market interviews is another methodology should be done in advertising and campaigning for tobacco. A cording to (Nilsson K.2017) the moderator of the interview should ask the consumers about the feeling, taste and the contribution of the opinions done by the public concerning the product. Interviews should be thrilling in a dialogue of questions, rejoinders, and comments about the tobacco product. It is quite helpful when a researcher is looking deeply for a specific matter relating to the selling tobacco. The interview should encapsulate underlying perceptions and psychological inspirations about the production of tobacco (Iphofen, R., 2016). The companies and the firms dealing with the processing of tobacco should develop a relationship with their clients. A large number of companies aim at harnessing customer relationship alternatively perpetually trying to go out to sell the products to the customers. Clients who trust a company’s product will use more many to purchase the product. The methodology of diversity marketing usually involves the analysis done to different clients segments founded on variations of beliefs, worldviews, tastes, and expectations. It is wise when campaigning and advertising tobacco to have diversity measures which touch different people who live in different places. Big businesses ought to influence many numbers of buyers for their survival and growth. Mass marketing is vital whereby the marketers’ prospect massively to win many customers as much as possible. Direct marketing is of greater benefit where the companies use fliers, emails, and other promotional materials. According to (Doorley J. and Garcia H.F. 2015.) tobacco companies should come with a newsletter to boost corporation that highlights important achievements to win the confidence of the clients. The newsletters bring a notion of participation and inclusion with their entire company that has given a tremendous growth. Content marketing which entails writing and publishing written articles can be used to inform potential buyers about tobacco. This can be an awesome channel to reach the consumers without applying the direct method.

Data Analysis

The statistical data analysis is among the strategies that firms and corporations use to convince the public to purchase their products. Appeal statistics involves buying a product based on statistics, numbers, and scientific evidence. Research has clearly manifested that individuals rely on numbers though they may not be so accurate. The primary research done in my findings has really manifested that men smoking in large numbers compared to women. Firms and corporations dealing with the processing of tobacco should campaign and advertise massively to regions where men stay in large numbers such as military camps, bars, and recreational areas.

Statistics exhibit that men usually consume tobacco in greater percentages. The data analysis done in March 2018 shows that 26.7 % of men smoke cigarettes in the city California while that of women amounted to 15.5%. The difference in percentage can equate to a connection of behavioural, cultural, and physiological factors. According to (Robertson, L., Hoek, J., Blank, M.L., Richards, R., Ling, P. and Popova, L., 2018) men feel stimulated in a unique way when they smoke a cigarette, unlike women. Men usually take cigarettes for nicotine purposes while women smoke to overcome demoralizing moods. Variations in the behavior of smoking between women and men are as a result of a sociocultural difference in environment and trajectories of life and situations of socially entrenched in it.

The data analysis used for campaigning and advertising in online and offline platforms show different results. The online platforms which include the usage of twitter, facebook, youtube and Instagram is quite fast and convenient. When using the online platforms the advertising crew can target the potential customers effectively, one can monitor closely the distribution progress to the public, and one can view and retrieve the results of advertising and campaigning the product. The demerits of online platforms are; sometimes it can become sophisticated, in case of an error occurs it can be hectic for rectification, and times brings boredom and fatigue. Offline platforms entail using traditional methods of communication in advertising and campaigning. It includes; using newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and radio and billboards. The most underlining advantage of using offline platforms is that people who can access the internet can be reached in an easier way. In contemporary society, they are people who are still analog and need s offline platforms to get reached. More than 80% of tobacco manufacturing companies have affirmed that the online platform is more advantageous and effective (Mamudu, H. 2015). Around 20% of the tobacco companies have not really reached the class of using online platform which is actually helpful and vital in advertising and campaigning when selling tobacco.

The methodology of the questionnaire in advertising tobacco is one of the inexpensive avenues to collect quantitative information. Using online platforms usually becomes economical and can target a lot of traffic. A questionnaire is positioned on a website or a blog to targeted customers. The survey method is a pragmatic way where a corporation or a firm can collect and synthesized data. A recent survey was done in the city of Texas and Florida shows people near the urban centres smoke a lot compared to those who stay in marginalized areas. The questionnaire used to access this information was quite fast because it was done on online platforms. It allowed the researchers to have a wide range of information because it was covering the places that have the accessibility to internet services. A predetermination that was made is to sell and market tobacco product in a massive way to the developed areas. The digital survey done in the cities of Florida and Texas had the advantage of privacy and anonymity.

The data analysis manifests in the research that relationship marketing is quite helpful, economical, and reliable to customers who take tobacco. Around 95% of the statistical analysis approved that the clients feel respected, honored and recognized when the firms and corporations develop a close link amongst them. It has the importance of substantial returns in investment. The retention customer rates always increase from 25% profit to 95 %. Relationship marketing keeps the customer contented and there is the very high probability of a happy client to fetch other clients for a specific company. Campaigning and advertising of tobacco applying the relationship marketing inspire and motivates the purchasers whereby they air their ideas on improving tobacco product. One of its demerits it can be costly by providing promotions and after-sales services.

The offline platform which includes billboards, banners, and flyers are essential in matters of boosting online sales in selling tobacco. The most reliable analysis that has really assisted in advertising and campaigning for tobacco include billboards which have 15%, radio 25%, magazine and newspapers 35%, and television which has 45% usage in marketing strategies. The best form of advertising and campaigning include television and newspapers. Television is essentially important when targeting specific people during the morning, daytime and evening hours. Radio medium is used when connected with other media platforms. Business cards have manifested the best medium of advertising which contains the address website, phone number, and email address (Guerin, L.2017). It also contains the advantages of consuming tobacco. The link to the website should feature in all digital and printed materials. This information can include press releases, invoices, emails, envelopes, and labels. Stickers, flyers, and direct mails are not effective as such but have shown that it can really bring around 70% effect on marketing segment. The essential thing about this stuff is to make them significant which can really assist in reaching the public and conveying the intended message. Stickers and flyers can be posted in an open area where the public can have access to the information. The flyers and stickers should be quite attractive and inspiring so as to win the desires of the public. The clients need a coherent, systematic, and summarized information on which they can really on. Tobacco companies have really shown the importance of this strategy of using direct mail, flyer, and stickers which has really assisted firms and corporations producing tobacco with 70%.


This paper has clearly shown that campaigning and advertising of tobacco brings a very big impact to the society. Marketing is a very important method that has really assisted the massive selling of tobacco to different places and people. It helps different people to come up with the identification of the wants and the needs of tobacco. Different mediums which include offline and online platforms spread the information about tobacco in a robust way. A lot of people are in the internet world whereby they have come across tobacco advertisement and they have responded positively and the growth of sales has really gone up with a big margin. The online platforms which touch; twitter, facebook and Instagram are quite efficacious and are used by a large number of tobacco manufacturing companies. Offline platforms have the merits of meeting the physical customers who cannot access the internet sources but still potential to purchase a tobacco product. The demerits of offline platforms are that it is not possible to meet everyone and so the targeted customers may never get the information about the product. The consumption of tobacco to both men and women brings pleasure and contentment. Despite consumption of tobacco results in pleasure and overcomes to bad moods to the women it should not be taken in large amounts. Excessive consumption of cigarette can bring various kinds of illnesses to the body. It can cause blindness, lung cancer, heart, blood circulation difficulties, and brain failure. The public should be cautioned not to consume tobacco in public areas, houses, learning institutions, banks, and hospitals to avoid air pollution. Tobacco selling has the advantage of boosting the economy of the country and helps in profoundly to combat poverty and destitution to poor people by providing job opportunities. Conclusively advertisement and campaigns of tobacco should be done in a professional, ethical and a friendly way to the public.


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