Apple Business Organisation

Apple Business Organisation


Apple business organization is a United States worldwide business company that deals with the designing, developing, selling electronics, online services, and computer software. Hardware products of the company include the Mac personal computer, apple watch, Apple TV, iPhone smartphone, the IPad tablet computer, and the Home pod smart radio. The software of Apple includes; safari web browser, macOs systems, Ios systems, and I Tunes media player. It also gives the services of professional applications like; Xcode, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro. The online services include the iCloud, Apple music, Mac application Store, and IOS application store. Apple business organization has existed and thrived over the years because of the smart products, and services they offer to the esteemed clients. The strategy of the company is structured and formulated with the intelligence of differentiation with other companies which keeps it to be ranked among the best by the clients.

Identification of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policies and Strategies of Apple

Apple social responsibility and sustainability programs are headed by Jackson Lisa, Vice President of Initiatives of Environment, who give a daily report to Cook Tim. The Chief Executive Officer of Apple; Tim Cook has really given the company awesome leadership which has done well since the year 2011. Apple has really increased and expanded the employee benefits to an extent which is considerable. Apple has implemented the code of Supplier conduct that follows rigor sly the rules of electronic industries. Apple Company has received approximately ninety-five percent of compliance including the distributors to utmost sixty hours per week. Apple Company has created Apple Distributor Academy which is an eighteen program month that focuses to better the clients’ safety and health in the company internationally. According to (Block, 2015) Apple Company protects highly the manipulation of foreign workers where anyone caught exploiting the employees is subject to imprisonment. The protection of workers is utmost valued and highly honored.

Apple Company resource management hires the staff with gender sensitivity, no racism, and values highly the virtue of cultural competence in the workplace. The Company pays its employees handsome amount of salary appreciating them with good work which they do for the company (Hatch, 2018). Tim Cook emphasizes collaborations, diversity, innovation, and creativity in the company among the workers. It has a decreased rate of power consumption in relation to other companies. Its record of the environment is recorded with a lot of distinction because it tolerates zero pollution, destruction. It has been ranked top highest because of its supremacy of having a clean surrounding as Green peace clean report puts down. It is generating and sourcing sufficient renewable power to serve ninety-six percent of the electricity consumed internationally. It has perfected the use of renewable power in twenty-four countries. Every center of Apple operates with one hundred percent renewable energy. The international information technology companies have committed to initiating four gigawatts of renewable online power by the year 2020.

Apple Company has innovated uncontaminated water strategy and policy since 2013 whereby over eight billion capacity of water have been used by distributors to spread to individuals. The systems used for cooling can be reused up to thirty-five times. In the 2014 Apple Company transformed around one twenty thousand feet square of prior lawns of grass to assist the dry areas with consumption water. The company provides the programs of recycling in ninety-nine percent nation it serves and diverting over five hundred and eight million pounds of electrical leftovers from landfills since the year 2008. In the year 2016, the company created Liam robots line that can deconstruct an iPhone every eleven seconds and sort its top quality mechanisms so that they can be reused. Apple products are packaged is done with renewable paper searched from the sustainably conserved environment. According to (Monte, 2016) Apple has adopted collaboration measures with other companies that recycle wastes and has accumulated ninety million pounds of e-waste throughout its programs of recycling. Apple provides its employees with five hundred and fifty electric car charging avenues with no charges.

Apple Company has really combatted the emissions of Carbon dioxide with the reduction of one hundred and fifty tons of metric. The papers used for packaging is arranged for wood fiber which is afterward recycled. The company has endeavored to protect and conserve the forest of North Carolina and Maine where thirteen ton of metric was collected with high responsibility. Apple Company is projecting to plant trees over one million acres of the forest all over southern America to conquer air pollution that may cause by industries. It has planted over nine thousand trees in the drought-affected areas. The Company donated one million wildfire recovery US dollars to South California. Apple Company considers and values their employees greatly by respecting their opinions and their grievances. The policies and the decrees formulated by Apple has brought a positive self-image of harmony, collaboration, cultural competency, and solidarity to its stakeholders. Its leadership management is quite smart because manifests high code of transcendence and cognitive standards.

Strengths and Weakness of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programs, Policies, and Approaches of Apple.

The strengths of Apple Corporate Social responsibility are numerous in numbers. The business organization is focused on the satisfaction of employees, investors, suppliers, customers, shareholders, and customers. It offers quality products which are durable, and smart hence customers always desire to purchase them with a lot of ease. The business strategic choice is encapsulated with high intelligence security making it difficult for the robbers, scammers, and hackers to dismantle the products and the services of Apple. Apple corporate social responsibility includes also following the rule of law, managing the risks, increasing reputation, protecting brand equity, legal license, and effectively utilizing the available resources. The corporate social responsibility of Apple assists the company in building a consolidated relationship with its customers, suppliers, and shareholders. Over the past ten years, Apple Company has tremendously done well with the recognition of distinctive products it produces all over the world (Trevino, 2016). Apple Company is popular for its distinctive products, technology, creativity, and innovative design.

Apple Company does not value the need to engage the participants. It is quite cold in responding to collaborating with other companies. The company has not adopted the triple line thinking strategy. It has frequently implemented the strategy of addressing environmental issues, maximizing profits, and solving critical social matters. Apple has done well in maintaining a high code of ethics making it be trusted by the customers, distributors, and other companies which practice collaboration. Despite the weakness of Apple, it produces high-quality products and services to the customers. It is ranked the best comparing with the IBM, Coca-Cola, and Google. The product loyalty builds a lot of confidence to the suppliers and the consumers of Apple products.

Apple Company meets the challenges of maintaining its high level of standard among the global market. The matter of maintaining healthy relationships among the supplies is a challenge in the context of labor and human rights. There is the absence of commitment of participants in the planning and development of strategy between Apple Company and their distributors. The weakness identified with Apple it does not implement the notion of bottom triple line thinking. This kind of thinking assist the companies in understanding the matters of the surrounding and maximizing profits. There is the weakness of lacking effective leadership and team building in the formulation of Corporate Social Responsibility strategic choice in a coherent manner. There is discordant of decoding the information to Apple Clients from the lineage of officials. It doesn’t engage the name of the suppliers, supply chain, and the sustainability report.

Apple Company needs to satisfy the needs and the wants of the customers. It should have minimum working hours for the employees, better environmental promotion, and avoidance of discrimination at the workplace, providing health facilities, and giving out the retirement benefits. There are around seventy-five thousand workers of Apple who work internationally and need adequate contentment and healthy association. The workers turn over ratio and conflicts should be reduced. The Apple Company should hire competent software developers who can build smart gadgets for the society, environment, and the company. The Human resource department should do a thorough interview when hiring the staff of Apple so that they can maintain the good name of the company. According to (Lewis, 2018) the managers and the leaders of Apple Company must do their work with a lot of intelligence, professionalism, diligence, and transparency. Innovation, creativity, honesty, and prodigiousness characters must be inherent within the managers and the leaders.

Apple Company has adapted collaborative measures with other companies so as to widen its scope of innovation and creativity with others. The information technology industry can only be successful if collaboration and solidarity can be realized among different industries. Apple Company has made partnerships with Google, Cisco, and Microsoft. The challenges of microprocessor speed and memory drive installation can only be solved through the use of collaboration and partnerships with other companies. The managers and the leaders of these companies need to have a high rate of solidarity, collaboration, and transcendence. The collaborations and partnerships aspect can be successful if rotating, consensus and domineering are adopted. Leadership form of domineering is where an individual or a leader controls the entire performance of an organization. Decisions are made promptly. Consensus form of leadership is where the delegates from mutual verge admit on every choice at every point in the development. The rotation form of leadership is centered where the individuals take responsibilities in turns. According to (Totter dill, 2017). Rotating form of leadership encourages the widening of innovations and creativity. Microsoft and Intel have maintained its collaboration over the years and so Apple Company should adopt the same. It has recently collaborated and partnered with Intel Company.

Shared Value Approach

Apple has been compensating its shareholders a dividend of approximately a month and the other half the other the month. Apple shares have been increasing gradually compared with other companies. Its shares read forty-eight point two eight percent in comparison to Microsoft which has eleven point five six percent and Google which has five point two five percent. Apple Company has forty-five billion US dollars of stock in the market. The amount of shares that have been repurchased has reduced gradually but not with a great high figure. The company reports $ 2.8 billion in payment of dividend. The Company plans to increase the number of dividends which it gives to its stakeholders each and every year. Over the past year, Apple Company has paid $ 11 billion in dividend payment. In aggregate Apple, Company has used $ 72. 9 billion on buybacks stock since creating return capital system. Apple has used a total of $ 102. 7 billion return capital.

Apple Company has a long-term administered status for commitment and innovation in perfecting upcoming products. The company advanced the technological consumer boundary, initially used in individual gadgets, and established the music iPod players and initiated new platforms for smartphones performance. The notable advantage manifested in the company is the potentiality to progress creative services and products that have similar operating models, applications, and software. This reduces the cost of production, timescale, and minimizing the vulnerability aspect. According to the excellence website innovation portal, the progressive services and products complement each other strengthening client’s loyalty, and reducing necessary obstacles brought by competition (Bagchi, 2017). The environment of Apple Company is filled with diligent, and determined employees who give worthy services to the buyers. The company is composed of chip competent manufacturers who control the manufacturing process and operating the store for the company. Apple Company has a reasonable pricing set standards which actually makes the buyers comfortable to buy the products with a lot of ease.

Triple Bottom Line Approach

Triple Bottom line approach is an idea which focuses to widen the focal point on the monetary bottom line by the organization to engage in environmental and social responsibilities. A triple bottom line model gauges the degree of economic value, environmental impact, and social responsibility of the company. Apple Company has a much stabilized economic status. The Appel Company uses Triple Bottom Approach to maximize profits and benefits in the company. It has successfully used the triple bottom line method through the implementation of the corporate social sustainability solutions. According to (Gong, 2018) the application of Triple Bottom Line approach in Apple Company makes it to maximize its profits and to develop the main structures of the business. The social denominator line increases the level of production and leverages the services output in Apple Company. The social bottom line of Apple Company should emphasize on collaboration, cultural competency, and professionalism at workplaces.

Apple Company has developed renewable measures in that does not pollute the environment. It controls highly any kind of pollution to the atmosphere where it has a docket of monitoring, managing, reporting, and controlling the emissions and waste from the industry. The department that controls and reduces carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere lessens the capacity of waste products, and adopt highly the policies of conservation and preservation of atmosphere. Apple Company has come up with strategies and policies of environmental conservation. These include; coming up with renewable resources, reduction of Carbon dioxide emission, and avoiding the pollution of water. Apple Company really provides its suppliers and the customers with quality products which keeps them always in touch with the company. It pays its employees and workers awesome pay which does not demoralize their spirit to work in the entire Company.

Apple uses the triple line bottom approach which is so essential in expanding the scope of the business as the economy is concerned and visualizing on the future probabilities so as to be relevant in the market. The triple bottom approach helps the leaders, and the managers of Apple Company in maintaining a good relationship with the customers, responding to the problems and the queries of the clients, and be able to give effective leadership which transforms the Apple Company to the best in the global market. Apple Company tolerates zero pollution and therefore protects the health status of the people who live in the industries and the most important aspect is protecting the future generation (Vierikko, 2017). The company has come up with creativity and innovation of planting down the trees to reduce the stuffy atmosphere and bringing the aspect of air circulation.


This paper has conclusively elucidated the importance of Apple Company in the global market. It provides job to the jobless, produces quality laptops, smartphones, music systems and reliable online services. It is a business organization with a distinction because it tolerates zero pollution and highly uses renewable resources. The leaders and the managers of Apple Company have collaborated and partnered with other potential companies to make a consolidated synergy in the information technology sector. Apple Company has done tremendously well because of the effective leadership of the leaders who always hire competent individuals to manufacture quality products. The employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders of Apple Company usually are really treated with honor and respect because there are the ones who usually contribute to the success of Apple Company.


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