May-Can-Should Approach to Policy analysis


For this Discussion Board Forum, interact in a free-flowing discussion of the biblical and constitutional parameters for the particular policy focus being discussed this module/week. In other words, you must discuss the “May” portion of the “May-Can-Should” approach to policy analysis and implementation. Engage the ideas of your classmates and the required readings and presentations in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.

Remember to provide thoughts on what government should or should not do from a biblical and constitutional perspective. Also discuss what other groups, individuals, and organizations (possibly including state and local government) should be doing within society to address the policy issues discussed in this module/week.

Sample paper


Since the ancient days, man has organized himself in groups, thus making it easy to design and implement a form of government to control and govern them.  A government is often made up of individuals who govern a community or a jurisdictional area. Notably, the government has a responsibility of setting as well as administering public policies and exercising executive and political power with the help of institutions and laws within a nation. Despite the fact that the government is responsible for administering a particular region, there those activities and things that it cannot legally sanction (Dobbins, 2008). This assignment will focus on identifying those things that the government should and should not do as well as describing the biblical perspective of the government functions in society.

Notably, the government has an important role in managing the economy of a country and maintaining the stability of the markets in a country. Notably, any government should also focus on establishing a perfect union, establish justice, provide a common defense for the people as well as provide tranquility (Dobbins, 2008). Therefore, the government should strive to ensure that its citizens are happy and live a better life. However, on the other hand, there those things that the government should not try to influence people’s lives. Such things include marriage, foreign entanglements, and religion. A good government should assist its citizen to achieve their life goals as long as they do not infringe other people’s rights, but not interfere with every aspect of their lives (Sharkansky, 2017). On the other hand, the bible says that governments should be implemented to provide earthly justice and protection and should be instituted for the good and well being of all people. Therefore, the government should act on behalf of the good of all people.


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