The CISSP Certification Exam


“The CISSP Certification Exam” Please respond to the following:

  • Last week, you were asked to consider the CISSP certification exam. Describe the efforts you’ve made to secure a time, date, and location for the exam. Do you feel ready? Why or why not? Even if you don’t take the exam, you’ve learned so much valuable information. Talk about a few of the items you’ve learned and how having this knowledge will help you in your management position in IT once you get your master’s degree and get on the job. Why is it important to know about security if you’re going to manage program developers for example?

Sample paper

CISSP Certification

I have made various efforts to secure a time, date, and location for the exam. With regard to time and date, I have scheduled my exam through the Pearson VUE website. I have scheduled the exam at a time i will have completed my studies and done as many practice exercises as possible. This will help me pass my exams. The Pearson VUE website provides a list of available exam centers countrywide. The website also offers the learner the opportunity to choose a specific date for taking the exam. The website provides the learners with an average 8 different days in each month for which one can set as the exam date. I have chosen Pearson Professional Centers in Seattle as my exam venue. This is because I will be in Washington in the weekend leading to the exam date, which will be on December 18th 2017.

I feel ready to take my CISSP exam. I feel ready because in the last few months, I have dedicated a lot of my time in studying about information systems security. I have spent considerable time examining information relating to the CISSP exam domains. I have successfully completed all the training required. In addition to completing the required training, I have dedicated my time towards completing many practice questions. I have been able to answer the practice questions with ease and confidence. Given this, I feel confident to sit for my CISSP exam. I have no doubt in my mind that I will pass the CISSP exam.

I have learned so much valuable information in this course. The course provides learners with knowledge on how to deal with various security risks that may affect an organization. One of the areas I have gained immense knowledge is in designing and protecting network security. This is in the fourth domain of the course, communications and network security. The course provides an understanding of how an IT professional can secure a network. It also elaborates on the key components of a network that enable it to function. This knowledge will be very useful in the real world where as an IT professional I will be required to ensure the integrity of the network security. One of the key roles of an IT professional is to ensure the information systems are resilient from any form of attacks.

I have also gained a lot regarding security and risk management. This area deals with the identification, assessment, and prioritization of various risks facing an organization’s network systems. The course has provided me with knowledge on how to handle security threats once they occur in the organization. The course enables an IT professional to learn about how one may handle real threats within the organization. It provides in-depth details on how to monitor and lessen the impact of various unforeseen events in the organization. For instance, an IT professional with knowledge on security risk management can be able to prioritize activities based on the probability and possible consequence of risk. The IT professional can then focus more on the most risky and high value activities within the organization.

Another important item the course covers is security operations. In this era of rising cybercrime, it is important that an IT professional develop deep knowledge on how to secure information systems against attacks. The course provides knowledge on how an IT professional can enhance the integrity of the information system and ensure that day-to-day access does not increase the vulnerability of stored data. By covering about security operations, I have gained immense knowledge on how to reduce downtimes, whether resulting from malicious attacks or due to other reasons such as power failure.

It is important to know about security even if my role involves managing program developers. By knowing about security, it is possible to identify or pinpoint security weaknesses in various programs. As such, I may be able to highlight areas for improvement to the program developers. There is possibility that program developers may overlook certain key areas with regard to ensuring the security of the programs. Knowing about security can enable an IT professional in charge of program developers to ensure there are no malicious efforts by developers to create areas of weaknesses in the programs. Some malicious developers can create areas of weaknesses that they may later use to their advantage to cause damage to the organization, for instance, stealing customer data. Knowing about security can enable an IT professional to contribute towards fostering security innovations. The IT professional can be able to engage with the program developers and suggest possible improvements that may enhance the security of the programs.


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