Critical thinking Conflicting viewpoints Essay

Critical thinking Conflicting viewpoints Essay


The question of whether students should wear school uniforms to school has brought a heated argument in recent years between parents, students, schools and the government. Research shows that the use of school uniforms on students can have both positive and negative effects depending on how they are used.  Recently, schools in the United States have demanded their students and pupils to wear school uniforms to school. In my opinion, all pupils and students should wear school uniforms to school.

Argument 1: school uniforms help to keep students on the task at hand rather than their clothes

When children are wearing the same outfit, they are less concerned about their physical appearance and how they fit in their social peers thus devoting more time to most important subjects such as education (, 2014).

Argument 2: school uniform can save the parents lots of money

Often, schools choose simple outfit as their school uniform compared to expensive clothes that students might demand from their parents thus saving them a lot of money.

Argument 3: school uniform may improve attendance and discipline

With students having to wear school uniforms, there is an opportunity for them to be disciplined considering that they always perceive themselves a step below their teachers.

This perspective gives the true picture and scenario regarding the social issue affecting the society. By believing in this point, I would notice that the discipline level of the students will increase considering that most public schools are striving to fight against violence and theft and other major social problems. A uniform keeps the students to stress less about the fashions, trends out in the market and make them focus on their education and goals better (, 2014).


Bringing in a new policy such as the compulsory wearing of school uniforms can be stressful, and most people can resist it, but it is for the greater good of the students, community and the nation at large.

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