Describe an example of a time when you pointed out another person’s mistake. How can you tell whether another person is merely making a mistake or purposely trying to deceive you? What happened in this case? Your explanations should have reasons that support them that use information you learned in this course that apply to this event in your life.

Sample paper


A good and developed society is guided by ethics and morality. Despite religions playing an important role in shaping the lives of various communities, much credit can be given to ethics and morality. Ethics are moral principles that make a demand on all human to live an upright life despite the fact that there are no universal ethical standards. On the other hand, morality is concerned on the distinction between what is right and what is wrong (Newman, 2014). Often, morality urges individuals, to tell the truth, and not lie or deceive. However, lying and telling the truth is an internal calling and thus, an individual cannot be prosecuted for going against morality.

I remember once I saw my sister making tea, and I went straight to the kitchen to keep her company. However, as the tea was almost ready, I saw her take salt rather than sugar, and when she was about to put salt in the tea, I pointed the mistake to her.  She just laughed tapped my should and put back the salt and took sugar and with no time the tea was ready.  She later said that she was testing my concentration on what we were doing.

However, I was not sure whether she was making a mistake or deceiving me. Later on, I came to learn that it is easy to tell when a person is deceiving. Non-verbal cues are very important because a deceiving person is always nervous and anxious. Moreover, a deceiving individual is not confident in explaining a particular situation and in most cases; they will repeat themselves over and over again (Newman, 2014). On other occasions, deceiving individuals will only laugh at you when you point out the mistake to them.


Newman, L. E. (2014). The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Ethics and Morality Edited by Elliot N.                      Dorff and Jonathan K. Crane (review). Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 34(1), ,                        219-221.

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