Describe some software and explain how it can help a company


Describe some software and explain how it can help a company. Identify a problem related to distribution and point out why it is important.

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Intech software solutions

Intech software solutions has been in the software development business for over ten years. During the period our company has developed a reputable client base. The main focus within our software business is in the export distribution software development. Over the year we have been in operation, the business environment has progressively grown, the focus has shifted from internal distribution to the external market.  Having studied the export market Intech software solution believes to be adequately equipped to customize each customer software development needs.

Export distribution business

            The export distribution business is faced with some challenges, which through the utilization of technological processes Ningbo Expo Ltd can ultimately overcome. Serving more efficient with Ningbo Expo Ltd is the inbuilt technological process requiring just light customized improvements. Ningbo Expo Ltd being in the small and medium business enterprise sector faces various challenges within the export distribution industry. The primary challenge on business operations being a decline in productivity capacity. Production capacity is profoundly affected by operational cost (Shah, 2005). The higher the operational cost within the export distribution industry the lower the productivity. Operating an export business incurs a high operational cost, and if these expenses are not managed, they cause failure within the business venture.

Customer relation and satisfaction for  Ningbo Expo Ltd

Customer relation and satisfaction play an important role in any business operation not only for Ningbo Expo Ltd. It thus becomes an important factor to track within the exporting business for Ningbo Expo Ltd. Through the provision of customer feedback, the company can improve its product as well as service delivery. Tracing of landed costs is also an important aspect of the export business. Ningbo Expo Ltd as it carries its operation of activities within the external market it should have the ability to measure its inventory costs accurately. Accounting for costs such as brokerage, duty, taxes and freights highly influences real success within the business operations.

Trading within the export lack of a market multicurrency functionality will also become one of the greatest challenges while dealing with customers and vendors. As Ningbo Expo Ltd runs on a manual and not technologically automated system it lacks a multi-currency functionality system. The multi-currency Functionality systems highlight clearly what customers owe into the business and the currency they will use to make the payment. It also highlights how much we owe our suppliers and in which currencies we are going to settle our debt.

 Filling in any business is vital for record keeping, manual filing over the years has become ineffective and unreliable. Just as any other business utilizing manual filling system Ningbo Expo Ltd is prone to the risk of information loss; information is lost on customs document and product sale during operating period. Not only the filing and loss of document challenge are improved trough automated technological system, but also the challenge of human error. The human workforce will spend time doing calculations within the business and organization of the data in a historical perspective. A well laid out technological system flushes out the errors within the system maintaining accountability and transparency nature.  It also saves on the handling of customer documentation through a continuous update of data and information entries. 

Services provided by Intech software

Intech software solution will overcome the challenges within the industry trough provision of various technological tailored packages. A well laid out technological package will highlight the costs within the business operation maintaining productivity at a steady or growing margin. As Intech through the inbuilt package for export business, we have the ability to enhance the capabilities of suite Ningbo Expo Ltd operations. Tracking of expenses thus becomes effective, and minimal loss is incurred.

Our technological system allows for customer feedback services within the operating business environment. Through a client feedback strategy, Ningbo Expo Ltd can grow it business references on the international export market. Growth on the reference translates into an increased number of customers and profits within the firm operations. With Intech system landed cost tracking becomes faster and easy to track (Malerba, 2002). It becomes beneficial to the business as landing costs are part of maintenance cost. As an export business proper monitoring of landed cost assists on minimizing the overhead cost that the company might incur during normal operations.

The system will also maintain a multi-currency functionality, which becomes important in dealing with both customers and vendors. Through the feature exchange difference incurred by Ningbo, Expo Ltd will be quickly highlighted. As the managers of Ningbo Expo Ltd, there will be more worries on human error challenge and time wastage during manual calculations. Through a simple procedure, the technological software will analyze what customer owe our business and highlight what we owe our vendors.

As business operation within Ningbo, Expo Ltd grows our technology system has inbuilt a record keeping package. Through the package customer and vendors, the profile is maintained as well as the financial reports in the business. Proper maintenance of reports assists the business to make informed decisions during operations. Through the technology, the manual filling system is replaced saving on time and manpower resources as information is just updated into the system (Guan, 2003). The technological system is priced at an affordable price margin varying just on customization within the industry specification. Intech software solutions has been in the business for a reputable number of years and has gained a reputable clientele reference in the technological software business, with a high focus being on export businesses.  We are proud to be among the top rated developers in software business within the business frontier.  


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