Business consultancy report

Business consultancy report


There are many factors that lead to the success of any organization. Planning of the activities, staff, and another essential part of the company such service delivery is also a crucial factor in determining whether the company will be successful. Outdoor Adventures having been formed by entrepreneurs having a lot of zeal to achieve their desires has had a rosy start and registers a big number of clients in need of their services. It has led to the company facing congested fixtures and having been started by only three employees the company so far has a total of 20 employees, an evidence of quick growth. The company needs to take advantage of the high number of customers to outsmart their competitors, by providing attractive services. For instance, the company loses at least 300 dollars for every client that cannot have time to play due to misunderstanding in the planning of the schedules. The paper is going to look at the essential elements of running a successful business that the company ought to implement to see that it meets its target as well as serve their clients satisfactorily.


The company outdoor adventures was formed by two individuals Mike and his aunt Daisy, the two had the desire to have a job where they are their bosses as well as have an opportunity to exercise their profession. The two pulled in together their savings to have the company started and with Daisy having a piece of land that served as the first step towards achieving the dream, and later roped in Mikes younger brother Ethan. The company started gaining customers of different status, ages, and who ranged from individuals to company or business staffs. The number of clients rose to an extent beyond the expectations of both Mike and Daisy. The employees were overwhelmed with the number of clients, and there was no clear distinction of every employee’s responsibility that lead to some being swapped at one point to help in other areas that required assistance. The company faces the challenges of cases of double booking of playing field with some groups missing an opportunity to play due to the confusion, the effects on the business is that the customers have started shying away, and the sales are dipping further.

Mission Statement

To get the company running properly once again, it may gain a lot by setting out a mission to accomplish (Campbell & Yeung, 2010). The stakeholders can come up with a statement that is directly linked to the purpose of the business, and the market to which it targets. A suggested mission statement would read, to provide the clients with an excellent opportunity to enjoy their time through entertainment as well as getting the body physical fitness acquired through regular exercise. The mission statement focuses on the services offered at outdoor adventures and hence will always drive the focus of the employees and the stakeholders into providing the customers with a satisfactory service.

Management Style

The business would operate efficiently with a collective participative style of management. The collective style of management respects every company employees and involves their ideas on the day to day running of the company (Hall, 2012). Since outdoor adventures is a business that directly includes services being rendered to the customers, creating a market base would depend on how effectively the staff relates to the clients on a daily basis. The customers might at a point express dissatisfaction and give recommendations that should be considered while making further adjustments in the business. Such ideologies can easily get communicated to the management through the staff channel, hence the staff can also feel part of the decision making in the company. In this type of management style, the final decision making remains with the managers or top executives. Therefore, before implementing any new ideology, it has to be scrutinized to ensure that it matches the company’s mission. Having a collective method of management has the advantage of making sure that there is a collective responsibility for the wellbeing of the company, and everyone feels equally important and motivated.

The company requires a lean chain of management which employs professionals to offer the services they are qualified. By engaging professionals in running the business, it would be easier to identify what might be affecting the business and get an amicable solution for the same. The business owners, Mike, and Daisy, should take the roles of directors, they are to make a final decision on what is to be implemented in the company after a recommendation from the managers. The business should have at least three managers, namely the Human Resource manager, a general manager and a manager in charge of the field activities.

The human resource manager will handle the employees and the employee welfare. The manager will ensure that the company hires professionals, who are qualified to perform specific responsibilities in the company. The manager will provide training for the employees to ensure that they gain relevant skills needed for handling their responsibilities. The general manager will be responsible for the overall running of the whole business. The managers make sure that there is a sound plan for all the activities and also supervises all the other department to ensure that there is a maximization of opportunity with satisfactory results. The employee must also ensure that there are sufficient resources to ensure a smooth running of the business. The manager in charge of the activities in the play section has the responsibility of ensuring that every employee assigned to attend to the clients give their best. It is also through him that the general manager can get to know what needs to be improved. There should be an employee in charge of finances to ensure that the company uses all the revenue responsibly.

Nature of the Business

The outdoor adventure is set in a locale where people love entertainment and can sacrifice their finances for the same provided they receive quality services. The business faces stiff competition even though it seems to enjoy the advantage of having more facilities compared to their closest competitors, but that should not act as a reason to provide poor quality services. Going by the recent statistics that indicate how much the company might have lost when there existed a lack of proper leadership, is an indication that the customers do not entertain poor quality.

The planning process of the company requires improving to a greater extent. In case the company would be guided by a vision then, it would quickly identify areas that had laxity and improve to realize a maximum profit. The co-founders Mike has been overwhelmed with series of office works and has gotten to a point when he is not motivated enough to carry on with the business. On the other hand, Daisy is contemplating starting a paintball competing team. These two ideologies do not go in harmony with their original, plans at the beginning of the business and may indicate that they have over time lost track with their original visions and mission for setting up the business. It, therefore, affirms the need for an outright vision and mission that each time every party involved in performing any duty of the company reads and get drawn to them.

The company leadership has the capability of capturing the market and ensuring that they retain a bigger percentage of their customers. The ability to invest with the customers being given priority in the company’s strategy allows it to get established and well-esteemed by many. Strategizing will again help the business look at the means to achieve its short term and long term targets. A party concerned with strategizing should be hired in conjunction with the general manager to roll out plans.

Every established business must be operating with goals and objective outlined to give direction to the company. When the idea to set up outdoor adventure was formulated it did not appear to the founders that it could grow into a bigger organization overlong. Hence, they did not have a precise means of making sure that they outline a complete path that the company would take which also includes the objectives and goals for the company. But due to a rising number of customers and much more how the residents seem to enjoy their services, it is prudent that the company sets up goals to streamline its activities.

Strategy Implementation

The company would gain a lot of success by implementing some critical strategies that would encourage customer satisfaction and hence high retention rate. Vital among these is ensuring that there are workable methods of employee motivation. In various instances, many companies have applied the use of awarding credits to employees as an indication of their performance levels that determine their awards at the end of the period. That encourages commitment among the employees to ensure that they work harder to score higher while ensuring that the business meets its targets.


Outdoor adventures have the capability of being the best sports company in case there is a proper strategy to utilize the available resources. Streamlining communication procedures in the company and ensuring that each employee gets to understand their responsibilities would be crucial in making the company improve their quality of services. The decision-making process should also be improved to increase efficiency in service delivery since this would also reduce the instances of customers’ complaints and recommendations getting delayed response.


There are a lot of opportunities available at the disposal of outdoor adventures, to utilize the desires of the youth and the other participants in growing the business. Importantly when the company follows the strict rules of making sure that there is proper organization in the company with every employee having the knowledge of what is required of them then the company stands a chance to do better. Cases of miscommunication would end, and the company holds high opportunities of making bigger profits.


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