The fashion industry is becoming one of the most competitive industries in the globe today. Recent trends, invention, and innovation in this industry have shown paramount improvement. The up and coming contemporary designers are forced to continually compete with older and established luxury brands for the available market. However, architecture which can be defined as the art of designing and constructing has significantly influenced the creation and development of contemporary fashion industry (Yoon, 2016). This essay will attempt to determine how architecture has influenced the contemporary fashion industry.

In recent years, designers have a confession to imitate some of the designers that are used by architecture as they construct their houses. Some of the prominent designers have been inspired by buildings in making new fashion in the market today. Over the years, Yasutoshi Ezumi, a Tokyo-based designer has been referencing heavy architectural weights such as the Eames, Frank Gehry and Gordon Matta-Clark since launching his brand. Often, contemporary fashion designers look for something unique that can excite the people and buildings is one of them.

These architectures that are famous and constructed around the world help a fashion designer to determine how a cloth material or dress will sit on a person’s body. Architecture has given the fashion industry a new dimension as designers can determine exactly how the clothes will bring the best out of a person just by looking at a structure or building. As a result, most designers have developed a mechanism of producing 3D clothes which have become popular in the market (Tavşan, 2013).

From the discussion above, it is easy to say that architecture has had a paramount influence on the designer’s plans and the type and nature of the fashion in the market today. With the help of buildings and structures, they can produce a variety of designs and increase competition.


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