Haute Couture Review


Please write a fashion review about Maison Margiela’s Fall 2016 Haute Couture. Describe some details of these garments.

You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Your piece should articulate a well-formulated, coherent, and well-defined opinion on the collection.

Again, any review that you write should not only demonstrate clearly that you viewed the collection, but should also demonstrate your knowledge of the designer and his/her previous collections.

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Haute Couture Review

Maison Margiela’s Fall 2016 Haute Couture was yet another breathtaking offering that grazed Paris fashion industry. The collection featured aspects of modern urban streetwear, with a tinge of French revolutionary fashion sense. As such, the collection featured various items such as the tricorne hat and a military greatcoat. The tricorne hat is commonly worn at a jaunty perspective. Some of the accessories such as the tricorne hat drew inspiration from Napoleon’s collections. Maison Margiela’s Fall 2016 Haute Couture drew parallels between the contemporary streetwear in Paris today, and the fashion sense experienced in the course of French history. Apart from the parallels exhibited, some of the collections depict a renegade artisan, and one who abhors tradition. Galliano’s previous collections also go contrary to traditions in terms of what most individuals may consider as “normal designs”.

Galliano is popular as a controversial artisan who questions tradition with unique designs. Some of the garments at the Maison Margiela’s Fall 2016 Haute Couture clearly depicted this. For instance, the opening design featured an orange mackintosh, which surprisingly was worn “upside down”, with arms draping down below the waistline. It is common for Galliano to produce designs that question the very traditionalistic views embedded deep within people’s minds. Over the recent past, he has extended his experimental mission to twisting swags of fabric, wrapping and draping, with unique designs never seek elsewhere. Thus, it is clear that Maison Margiela’s 2016 Fall Haute Couture had two defining themes: French history fashion sense and renegade collections. Galliano’s French revolutionary inspiration emanates from the career-long bonding he had with the French revolutionary period. His first notable design inspired by French revolutionary history was in Les Incroyables, where he showcased his graduation collection in 1984.


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