Point Factor Job Evaluation

Point Factor Job Evaluation

Perform a point factor job evaluation for each of these following 6 jobs using the Job Evaluation Grid below:

  • Retail cashier
  • Landscaper
  • Registered nurse
  • Police detective
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Engineering manager

Also, use the library and other Internet resources to research data that pertain to these positions.


Include a brief explanation as to why you assigned the points that you did. 


Job Evaluation Grid
Weighted Points Compensable Factors Job evaluation points Highest Lowest
30 Knowledge/Education 9876543
20 Skill 65432
20 Responsibility 65432
10 Effort 321
10 Working Conditions 321
10 Supervision 3210
100 (Total)
Maximum Job Points: 30 Minimum Job Points: 10


Complete the following Job Evaluation Chart: (sample for RN completed)

Compensable Factors RN Cashier Police Detective Landscaper Mechanical Engineer Engineering Manager
Knowledge/Education 7 5 6 5 8 9
Skill 5 3 5 3 6 7
Responsibility 5 3 5 2 6 7
Effort 2 2 2 2 3 3
Working Conditions 1 0 1 0 1 1
Supervision 0 1 1 1 1 2
Total Points 20 14 19 13 25 29


The cashier was assigned 5 points on knowledge since cashiers do not require high level of knowledge. Registered Nurses have high education levels, with a degree being the minimum requirement to become a RN. Cashiers have fewer responsibilities and expend less effort while doing their work. Working conditions for a cashier are not compensable. Police detectives require a higher level of education compared to cashiers. They also require a higher level of skills in tackling crime by undergoing special training. The level of responsibility for a police officer is high. Police officers have the responsibility to ensure peace, protect lives of the citizens and also their property. The effort of expended by police detectives is also high. There is also some supervision required.

Landscaper has the least aggregate points in the Job Evaluation Chart. This is because a landscaper requires the least level of knowledge. There are no high level skills required for one to become a landscaper. Landscapers do not have high responsibilities compared to a nurse, police detective, or even the engineering position. The working conditions are not compensable factors on the part of a landscaper. The position of a mechanical engineer requires a high level of knowledge and skills. Mechanical engineers undergo through intensive training. They also have a high level of responsibility by ensuring that products meet all safety standards. Mechanical engineering requires supervision. The position for an engineering manager has the highest aggregate points. An engineering manager requires high education and skills. Apart from knowledge on subject matter, an engineering manager requires knowledge on human relations and finance.

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