Work & Interview Attire

Work & Interview Attire

For many people, it is a daunting task to figure out what to wear to the office or for an interview. In the recent past, a number of designers have offered their own versions of the appropriate work and interview attire. Majority of designers seem to have taken cues from runways fashion, and using their creativity to design glamorous work attire.

Fig. 1.1: The Power Suit

The power suit was the in thing during the 1980s work and interview fashion arena. A prominent feature of the 1980s power suit was the larger-than-life embellishments that defined the power suit. For instance, the power suit had unique shoulder pads and other features as well. At a fashion extravaganza held recently, the power suit made a great comeback, albeit bearing a contemporary look. Supermodel Doutzen Kroes grazed the event wearing a sleek power suit (Satenstein, 2016). Designed by Tamuna Ingorokva, the slouchy white pantsuit fit snuggly on the model’s well-trimmed body. A black crop top reveals part of her well-toned midriff. A sleek black belt matches with the crop top, and flat loafers complete the look. It is important to note that organizations with highly conservative cultures may take this pantsuit as part of their dress code.

Fig. 1.2: Colors

Colors may mean a lot when it comes to choosing the perfect interview attire. Some colors can help one stand out from the rest of the candidates, but others may be too shouting. Some interview-appropriate features or designs are a structured tote, blazer, and high-heeled pumps with closed toes. The blazer is important in helping to cover the shoulders so that they are not bare (Vogue, 2014). Shouting colors such as red may not be appropriate for the interview. Most people consider blue a warm and friendly color. The color evokes an aura of trust, calmness, and self-confidence. Blue suggests that one is a team player. Blazers are revered for interviews and in work situations. They help bring out the seriousness on an individual towards work.

Fig. 1.3: Skirts

A skirt is a great accessory when it comes to work or attending interviews. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a skirt. A skirt and a shirt can make an awesome combination for the interview or for work. The model on the left is wearing Apiece Apart skirt and an Everlane silk shirt (Vogue, 2014). An obsidian slit makes the skirt appear beautiful. The blazer and the skirt should match in color to give the ultimate look. Color clashing may just be bad for either the work or the big interview. Closed-toe high-heeled pumps look better while worn with skirts.

Fig. 1.4: Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt should be one of the major assortment of the modern working woman. Pencil skirts are ideal for work situations and as interview attire. Pencil skirts can be worn with long-sleeved silk shirts (Vogue, 2014). However, it would be inappropriate to roll the sleeves, as most people tend to do. Heels are appropriate with pencil skirts, but the heels should not be anything over 10 cm.


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