Use of Technology in Kelsey Care


This is just a part of the summary so I only need the one page written about the technology stuff. I do not need an intro or conclusion.Write a executive summary as in which you assume the role of a case management services provider, Kelsey Care. Your service has a staff of six case managers. Your clientele are families referred through Child and Family Services after police contact. Each case manager has a caseload of 10-20 families at any given time.Discuss how technology may play a factor in future services.

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Use of Technology in Kelsey Care

The evolution of the healthcare system has led to the introduction of technology in case management. For a long time, case managers were using a pen and a notebook to record information about their patients during evaluation. The information would eventually be entered into a chart that would inform their decisions when developing a treatment plan.

The healthcare system is data driven. This means that the methods of data collection, presentation, evaluation and analysis are play a major role. In the computer era, case managers have been using laptops to take notes during their sessions with their patients. The information could be printed for recording. This was followed by a new development where case managers could keep an electronic medical record.  Recently, they can use tablets and smart phones to connect with the information system of their organization instantly (Tambasco, 2011).

As the evolution takes shape, Kelsey Care will have a lot to gain by adopting technology. Managing patients with chronic illnesses is easier since all information can be accesses easily and the patient’s progress monitored. Thus, case managers are achieving effectiveness and efficiency. The staff at Kelsey Care can increase their productivity by use of technology. This is because they can handle more than the 10-12 cases they do every day meaning the facility can take serve more patients than it currently does. In addition to this, they can schedule their work and include features such as reminders to ensure timely delivery of services.

In addition, using technology will make Kelsey Care competitive and increase chances of expansion. Technology allows the facility to communicate with child and family services that refer clients to them, the police department, insurance providers, patients, providers and staff from different departments.  Another advantage is the fact that they can spend more time taking care of the patients rather than doing paperwork.  The only way to develop a synchronized client management system is by using technology. This will enable data from providers, clinicians and payers to be integrated into the system to improve service delivery.  When information about case management, utilization management and discharge is accessible to all providers, the transition in the different care settings becomes easy.


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Create a client profile and discuss practices and resources in case management that should help that client succeed after release