What Is Mathematics

Across the globe, mathematics is a trendy area of study among many college and high school students. Maths study begins from the time child enters school. From arranging objects to matching similar objects, that is maths for playgroup and nursery students.

Because mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects in school, it is even harder to define it. We can define mathematics as the scientific study of numbers on interrelating, generalizations, combinations and measurements. In history mathematics is regarded as a science that deals with quantities like magnitudes(geometry), numbers(arithmetic ) and generalization(algebra)

We can break this into two forms, i.e. pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Pure mathematics is the abstract science of numbers, space and quantity, while applied mathematics uses maths in subjects like physics and engineering.

During the 19th century, maths included symbolic logic, and it started being regarded as the science of relations.

Branches of mathematics

Like other science subjects, maths has distinct branches that are very important to our daily lives. The main branches of maths include the following:-


One of the oldest and elementary branches of mathematics is arithmetic. It is used everywhere, from everyday calculations in the shop and market to advanced business calculations performed by accountants.

Usually, arithmetic involves the study of quantity using operations like division, subtraction, multiplication and addition. Students in high school and elementary usually do arithmetic before they move to more advanced maths operations.


This is a greek word. It means earth-measuring. This branch of maths looks into questions that involve size, figures, shapes and space.

Geometry is mainly looked into areas, lengths and volumes. Astronomy use geometry to map stars and planets.


Trigonometry is another branch of maths that studies triangles. Right angles are more looked into in this branch.

This knowledge of trigonometry helps people understand the relationship between angles and triangle sides. Light motion and soundwaves can be understood with the study of trigonometry.


Another maths branch studies relations, operations, concepts, and constructions rules. This branch of maths is pure mathematics.


Because maths is a tricky subject, very few students can take their maths test or even complete their homework.

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