Violent crimes in America

Violent crimes in America

Now, select one of the issues of this community you described in Written Assignment 1 to examine further.-Clearly identify which issue you chose and explain why you believe this issue is worth exploring.- Provide a detailed description of this issue at the local, state and national level.

Violent crimes in Tampa have highly reduced over time. These crimes have considerably increased in America and other top cities. Each year reports are made by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) showing figures of reported crimes in the year. It is very concerning to see the high levels of crime committed in America considering the available enforcements. The FBI categories 4 crimes as violent crimes, they include; murder and manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.(Lott, 2010)

Some citizens feel very unsafe while walking in the streets during the night. This clearly indicates the level of insecurity in the neighborhood and chances of violence. The country has different enforcement laws meant to regulate and reduce crimes in the country.

There are different reasons that may have highly contributed to crime rates in America. According to Lott, (2010)the leading causes includes gangs, youth crimes, poverty and employment, and drugs. As the rate of crimes tremendously increases in America, crimes have significantly dropped in Tampa. There are different potential steps that Tampa have implemented to reduce the crimes that America may take to better their environments.

America is termed to be in a pandemic state, this is directly related to homicides committed yearly. The crimes are increasing with time and this leaves citizens at a worrying end. Safety is in question now and as time goes on it might get worse unless corrective measures are put into place.

America is rated at a rate of 4.8 per 100000 residents. This clearly indicates the sprawling levels of violent crimes in the country. Most of the crimes arecommitted by the use of guns due to the facts that residents can easily access a gun.Easier availability of guns has contributed to crimes, as most people are ready to provoke more fights and robberies. (Lott, 2010)

Violent crimes in UK are very high despite the law restricting access of private guns. Use of guns is relatively low at 5% compared touse of knives at 31%.The criminals are reallydetermined to do wrong and commit more crimes. The rates of violent cases are relatively high and this is an indicator that crimes need massive attention.

Acapulco in Mexico is one of the cities where violent crimes are more rampant. The city is deadly and the rates of expected homicides in the future will quite high. The residents are alarmed and they are in fear that the situations will just get worse with time. Violent crimes are affecting most of the countries and this calls for action because the streets are no longer safe.

The society has failed in alarming the violent crimes in their country, whereby they lack the proactive approach to various situations. Citizens should be locally concerned and together unit to reduce the criminal numbers in America. They should also highly involve the law where any criminal acts are noted. There are a percentage of residents who don’t trust the American police departments. The

As most cities continue suffering from homicides, Tampa city is reducing its numbers in crimes and making it safer for residence.

As a budding professional, what do you believe is the solution to the problems facing this community? –provide a detailed description of ways to organize local residents so they can play a central role in addressing these problems. –explain how other communities have successfully dealt with addressing this issue.

According to Lott, (2010) in America massive numbers of violent crimes are associated with the youths. Over two million minors are growing without their parents because they are serving long term sentences for violent crimes. The young people are the gang leaders and committing different crimes.

Numbers of teenagers dropping schools each year are increasing rapidly. Uneducated teenagers have no jobs to attend and they end up being idle. These school drop outs end up joining gangster groups to rob American citizens in order to make a living. The government should ensure that every child is able to access education. Educated children are able to get jobs and make a living.

It is very simple to access a private gun in America, there are no laws restricting access of guns. Guns have highly contributed to the number of crimes committed in America. The government should make restriction rules to gun access in the country. This will help in reduction of crimes committed.

Unemployment among the youth in the country has also highly increased crimes. Some people in America are below the poverty level and they still have no jobs to better their lives. With high levels of economy these individuals are more likely to participate in robberies for a living. They are also very vulnerable to carry out terror attacks to their country to make some earnings. The government should create more employment opportunities and create more governmental forums for the youths.

Drug abuse has continuously been a huge effect in America. As many Americans serve long term jail sentences for drug possession, more people are still getting involved with drugs.  Parents and the society should fight drug abuse.

Most parent no longer keep tract of their growing children. Parent need to be more careful and keep watch of their children. Poor parenting in America has also highly increased violent crimes. A responsible parent is able to control friends around their children, know activities they carry out during leisure times. Parent should create more time to spend as a family and understand various feelings about them.

In the UK there is a law that restricts private gun access and this has reduced number of violent crimes. According to Lott, (2010) the American government should implement a similar control strategy to limit gun access and this will reduce violent crimes especially gun related.

Most residents in Tampa city are youths and 89% of its residents are employed in white collar jobs. Tampa city has very few unemployed and idling people. Most people are able to earn a genuine life thus reducing on hard robberies and crimes to make a living. The town is also full of opportunities where the unemployed are able to explore and find jobs. The youth in this city are able to earn and make a life out of employment. (Lott, 2010)

Tampa city is full of educated youths, the people of this city value education and have very few school drop outs. America and other affected cities should get methods to reduce on the number of school dropouts. And also improve their parenting methods. Parents can be able to detect change in their children before huge damage is done. Guidelines to right choices are important.

Every citizen is supposed to make a report at the police in case of any violent crimes. The police department should be able to follow up; it is their duties to keep order in the countries. The society itself is also in a position to reduce violent crimes. Togetherness is very important, identify the wrong doers and forward them for justice. Any suspicious or uncertain scenes should be an alarm to inform the police department.


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