Virtual Team Productivity

Which of the following five dysfunctions of a team would be the greatest barrier to virtual team productivity? Defend answer.
1. Absence of trust: Trust is considered the foundation of effective teamwork.
2. Fear of conflict: Teams that lack trust are not capable of engaging in open, unfiltered debate.
3. Lack of commitment: When team members fail to voice their views openly during passionate debate, they rarely buy-in and commit to decisions.
4. Avoidance of accountability: Without commitment and buy-in, team members are often hesitant to call their peers on actions and behaviors that seem counterproductive to the good of the team.
5. Inattention to results: Failure to hold one another accountable creates an environment where team members put their own needs above the collective goals of the team.
Also, what can be done to avoid information overload when a virtual team is made up of 25 or more members?
The paper must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The paper must include a reference page, title page, and in-text citations for all listed references in accordance with the APA manual, 6th edition chapters 6 (citation formatting) and chapter 7 (reference/source formatting).