Write a product review about anything related to vintage. It could be the comparison between different cameras, or ‘vintage’ beauty products review.



In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of vintage items and commodities that are used in this modern era. Despite the fact that vintage fashion and commodities might be expensive and hard to come by, they usually create a sense of belonging considering that it is one way to uphold and maintain culture. On the other hand, vintage commodities and fashion make an individual unique and most cases; they outshine their peers (Wright, 2016). Vintage commodities and fashion are of high quality compared to some of the commodities in the modern era. This essay will attempt to provide a review of vintage cameras.

A human being as a social being is known to have the desire and wants to keep good memories that can be captured by a camera. A camera refers to an optical instrument for recording or capturing images that can be stored on the same instrument or can be transferred to another location. Vintage cameras had to use film to record images, and it usually manipulated the properties of the light to create an image on a piece of film famously known as a film. Moreover, the negative had to go through a chemical process to create the end image. Unlike the modern camera, vintage cameras required a person to roll of film which is usually stored in a light-proof container. Examples of vintage cameras that are still in the market today include horseman 4×5 that has hosts of the lens that mount onto lens boards and allows the lens to be moved independently of the film back (Wright, 2016). An individual owning a vintage camera is likely to enjoy rich black and white photos, beautiful grainy images and true vintage photo color.


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