Select a corporation you find interesting. Then analyze that corporation in a concise 1-2 paragraph essay by addressing the following:How does your corporation identify (frame) itself? What does this mean for consumers? How is customer experience affected by the corporate design / identity?



Question 1

How does your corporation identify (frame) itself?

Toyota motor company is one of the largest automobile companies in the world today. The company produces a wide range of automobiles, but Toyota 86gt was well received by its customers on the basis of its model and fuel capacity. Moreover, quality is the key to the success of the company, and most of their customers can identify the company through its quality automobiles.

Question 2

How does your corporation identify (frame) itself?

Automobile customers will always look for a vehicle that is comfortable, classy and has a favorable fuel consumption capacity and that is exactly what Toyota gives to its customers. This means that loyal customers are likely to purchase a top quality automobile at an affordable rate with a guarantee that the vehicle will serve the needs of the customer for a long time (Lander & Liker, 2007).

Question 3

What does this mean for consumers?

Due to the company profile and reputation, customers have high expectations of the products and services of the company. Thus, the company has to design their automobiles in such a way that it can serve both high demanding and low demanding customers. If the products produced by the company meets or exceeds the customer expectations, there is a likelihood that they will come back.  However, if the expectations of the customers are not met, customers will discourage others from purchasing the company products.

Question 4

How is customer experience affected by the corporate design / identity?

Automobile production uses a variety of raw materials and some of the widely used materials to make these automobiles include steel, aluminum, copper, glass, rubber and special fibers. These materials are often refined into materials that can actually make car parts (Lander & Liker, 2007). However, the materials used to manufacture the vehicle widely influence the cost of the end product. If the production is the cost is high, the price of the vehicle will eventually rise.



Lander, E., & Liker, J. K. (2007). The Toyota Production System and art: making highly customized and creative products the Toyota way. International Journal of Production Research, 45(16), 3681-3698. doi:10.1080/00207540701223519

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