Theories of Security Management

Theories of Security Management

This class teaches learners about dealing with security threats, vulnerabilities, and potential losses facing an organization’s IS/IT systems.

Applying the Learning Outcomes to my Professional and Personal Life

The learning outcomes of this course are applicable to the professional as well as personal life. With regard to the professional life, the learning outcomes enable a learner to gain a better understanding about information security management in organizations. The learning outcomes of the course enable the learner to learn about various ways of securing business information as well as how one can handle the information environment. By studying the course, the learner is able to increase skills in ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and security of the IS/IT system. Another way to apply the learning outcomes of the course to my professional life is in conducting research, which can enable the learner to come up with new ideas or innovations. Studying the course enables the learner to acquire skills and new knowledge that he/she can apply in developing new solutions to problems. This can foster innovation in the workplace.

The learning outcomes of the course will also apply in my personal life. The learning outcomes of the course will enable me to identify potential security threats that might affect me at the personal level. In the recent period, security threats have increased due to the increased adoption of technology and technological devices. For instance, financial services are increasingly accessible via the mobile phone. The improvement in technology also presents new opportunities for hackers to gain access to critical data through the new technological outlets. Consumers must be aware of the various methods used by hackers to steal critical information.


Dealing with Breaches-IT SECURITY MANAGEMENT