Comparing and contrasting the theoretical perspectives of human development

Compare and Contrast Theories Paper Instructions

You will write a paper of at least 1,200 words comparing and contrasting the theoretical perspectives of human development and classroom management presented by the theorists Abraham Maslow, Rudolf Dreikurs, William Glasser and Stanley Coppersmith. You must reference at least one additional resource per theorist (for a minimum of 4 total) from professional literature in conjunction with your textbook. (Wikipedia is not a professional resource.) In addition, you will provide a detailed description of your personal theory of classroom management and determine which of the reviewed theorists your current management plan is aligned with most and discuss those similarities and differences. Finally, you will expound upon biblical Scriptures that support your personal classroom management style.

You must include the following components:

  1. Include a detailed explanation of each individual model and list a minimum of 4 characteristics per theorist. You must expound beyond the information presented in your text to receive full points.
    1. Maslow
    2. Dreikurs
    3. Glasser
    4. Coppersmith
  1. Include a comprehensive explanation of the similarities and differences of each theory. Be thorough.
    1. Similarities
    2. Differences
  1. Using specific examples, describe your personal theory of classroom management. Then elucidate which of the aforementioned theories is most aligned to your own classroom management style. Be sure to relate specific examples from your current classroom or a classroom in which you have observed to the major ideas of your selected theorist.
  1. In the final section of this paper, present biblical Scripture(s) that relate to your classroom management style. Be sure to defend your selection(s) by providing a detailed explanation of how the scriptures support your personal views of classroom management.

This assignment must follow current APA formatting standards and include references and in-text citations from at least 4 professional, peer-reviewed resources in addition to the course textbook. You must identify each section of your paper with appropriate APA formatted headings and sub-topics. An APA formatted cover page and reference page are required as well.

The Compare and Contrast Theories Paper must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.