The Importance of Strategic Controls paper

Discussion Topic: The Importance of Strategic Controls

Retail companies like Walmart are heavy users of strategic control systems. Think about how it utilizes RFID technology to track products from inventory to the market shelves. Discuss how Walmart relies upon strategic surveillance, special alert control, and implementation control. What improvements might you suggest to the company’s COO relative to strategic control and why?

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The Importance of Strategic Controls

 Strategic control systems are an integral part of modern businesses. Strategic surveillance systems in corporations such as Walmart enable managers to obtain data relevant to the organization from both internal as well as external sources. Strategic surveillance systems obtain data from the various sources and then convert the data into useful form and distribute it to the relevant authorities (Sekhar, n.d.). Strategic surveillance systems help in improving Walmart’s communication systems, achieving quality improvement, information management, assessing customer feedback, and in other areas. Special alert control refers to the rapid reassessment of the strategy used in organization due to unforeseen events in the business environment (Sekhar, n.d.). For instance, Walmart maintains active mechanisms that are applicable in case of natural disasters or market spikes.

Implementation control relates to strategy implementation. Implementation controls enables an organization to assess whether there should be any changes to strategy considering the current business environment. Thus during strategy implementation, Walmart relies on implementation control to monitor whether there are changes in the environment that may call for amendment in the strategy. The improvements I would suggest to Walmart’s COO is to strengthen the strategic surveillance systems since the information obtained from surveillance can enable Walmart identify new trends. As such, Walmart can be able to stay ahead of the competition.


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