The future of criminal justice policy


Write a paper using definitions, principles, and concepts from currant criminal justice polices, in which you establish a thesis regarding the future of criminal justice policy making. Include the following:
?Analyze the future of criminal justice policy.
I do not need any intro and conclusion this is just a piece of the paper that is being written.

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The future of criminal justice policy

The criminal justice system has a long way to go in ensuring that it designs policies that take it in the right direction.  The law enforcement, court system and corrections should be governed by polices that ensure equal and fair treatment of all people. For a long time, the system has been corrupted which has denied people justice. In order to change this trend, policies have been developed and revised in order to ensure the much needed change is realized. The future of criminal justice policy will be characterized by several changes in order to counter crime.

Policy development goes through various phases before it becomes a law. Once a problem is identified, a debate is held to discuss the demands and objective of the policy. The intent of the policy must be determined to ensure that it serves the needs of the public. Forming the agenda of the policy is the most politicized phase since the voices of the government, individuals and special interest groups must be considered. The legislators have the final say whether the policy becomes a law or not. The policy is then evaluated and implemented. There are no changes required in the process. However, when legislators have personal interests in the policy or have to support their party affiliations, a good policy may not see the light of day. This can be an obstacle in the future of criminal justice policy (Cochran, Mayer, Carr, Cayer, & McKenzie, 2011).

Criminal justice policy research analyses and assesses the levels of crime and provides strategies for countering it. Such information is contained in criminology journals, books and reviews. Every state has a policy planning agency through which law enforcement, judiciary, correction facilities and other organizations receive funds for use in criminal justice initiatives. Researchers can influence the policy making process by understanding how the agencies are governed.  This can steer the future of criminal justice policy ahead (Dunn 2012).


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