The American Civil War


The American Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American History to date. It has left an indelible mark on the nation in a variety of ways. As you review the course material, including A. K. McClure’s address, what impresses you about the lessons that can be learned from this period? Was there something in McClure’s address that made you stop and think? How do you see this war in relation to the history you have learned since Module/Week 1?

Sample paper

The American Civil War

After reading this week assignment and readings, it is correct to state that there are many lessons that all American can learn from the civil war. The lesson was so informant and educative, and through it, I was able to learn that the issue of slavery was the leading factor that highly contributed to the eruption of civil war. One of the most important lessons learned from the readings was that a divided nation or a community that creates sectionalism stands a high chance of failing just like America did during the civil war. The issue of slavery divided the country into two major fighting and warring parties.  The southern part of the country was fully supportive of slavery and believed that it lawfully had a right to secede while the northern region felt that all people were equal and were against the slavery and the slave trade in general. This difference and conflict between the southern and the northern region led to war killing hundreds of thousands of America. If only the war was fought in the Supreme Court with the help of the constitution, all these lives would have been saved[i].

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Going by the statement made by McClure that the history of any great nation of to-day has its foundation of arbitrament of sanguinary battle, I believe that in future there will be causes that will force the military to fight for the lives and freedom f the American people. However, any future conflicts or disagreements should be peacefully resolved with the help of the constitution of the country. It is interesting to know that Abraham Lincoln who came from the northern region at first thought and felt that he was not against slavery but in the real sense he fearlessly fought against the slave trade[ii].

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