Antebellum in America


The material for this module/week has covered much of what was happening socially, politically, and culturally in antebellum America. There were many factors involved in increasing sectional tensions in the United States during this period. What, other than the debates concerning slavery, did you notice from the material? Is there any information that you might not have thought about before taking this course?

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Antebellum in America

From this week readings and assignment, it was easy to point out that there were other issues politically, economically and socially that were rampant during the antebellum in America and they played a key part at the beginning of the civil war. For example, the beginning and advancement of the print media played an important part at the beginning of the civil war in the country. Through the print media, the ordinary citizen and the entire population was able to accept newspapers which led to the outburst of written textile and the writing of provocative abolitionist facts and tracks. Moreover, the introduction and use of telegraph helped to unit large part of the population through sports largely men who have always gathered at saloons miles away from where boxing matches or horse race was taking place[i]. Additionally, the art of pictures spread quickly throughout out the country where a large portion of the people started sending their portraits through the mail. At the same time, most people began purchasing framed pictures of famous celebrities, as well as political leaders as well as pictures of mistreated slaves, from all over the country thus prompting a negative reaction from humanitarian and a section of political leaders especially, from the northern region.

One of the most important lessons learned from this reading was that a single mind could change the course of the country by looking at Andrew Jackson who championed nationalistic oratory and made the Whiteman believe that they were an integral part of the American political society. Through this campaign, there was the formation of Congress party and playwrights that fought for social equality and in the process inspired the maximum voter turnouts in America[ii]. I would have not imagined America had such a rich history before this course.

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