Using the Notepad app in your phone (both Android and Apple phones come standard with note writing applications), write a news profile on a pioneering figure in social and mobile reporting. This figure can be a professional journalist, an online personality, a blogger, or even a citizen journalist. Whoever they are, they should be noted for making an impact in the field of social and mobile reporting, which is also referred to as “MOJO” or “Mobile Journalism.” Quality over quantity is preferred, so focus on carefully constructed words that bring your story to life.




With the emergence and advancement of technology and information technology software, things are changing for the better when it comes to media reporting. In the current era, social media and networks have become popular especially among the youths. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers have made things a little bit easy and has significantly helped in providing real time new on the current trends in a country in all platforms ranging from political issues, economic issues, and social issues to showbiz business (Quinn, 2011). As a result, some mojo journalists and news bloggers have become so popular and famous among the members of the community with the news they provide to the people. This paper seeks to create and develop a news profile for one of the influencing figure in the mobile journalism filed.

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Talk of mobile phone potential and the next very thing comes into your mind it is the Apple smartphone. However, behind the popularity of the Apple Apps and Accessories, there is another name Glen Mulcahy. The 56 years old Irish national closed his photography studio (Redeye Photography) in 2009 to fully focus on the promotion of Apple apps and accessory through his Twitter account. As a matter of fact, Glen in making living out of his mobile journalism and describes himself as an Apple fanboy. In more than one occasion, he has been invited to speak at conferences all over Europe and in Circom member stations making him one of the most followed and sorted out social and mobile journalism personality (Quinn, 2011). Currently, Glen is a certified Apple support professional as well as an active AVID media composer editor and an enthusiastic photographer who uses all his positions to try to pull and attract people to buy and use Apple Apps and Accessories.


Quinn, S. (2011). Mojo-mobile journalism in the Asian Region. KAS.

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