fashion icons


In your opinion, which British or American fashion icon is the best exemplify the idea of national style? Can you think of similar personalities and examples from other countries and cultures? Would you make a good fashion ambassador for your community? Provide images as appropriate.


fashion icons

Over the last decade, fashion has evolved to be one of the most treasured trends and patterns in the world. Due to its competitive nature, there are constant and rampant changes in fashion and all fashion designers and icons need to be on their toes not to be left behind when a new fashion hits the market. Lucky designers may bring a new popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people only to realize that their design has become a national style (Bruzzi, 2013).  This paper seeks to explain one of the British fashion icons as the best exemplify the idea of national style.

Rita Ora is one of the most treasured British fashion icon of all time. Born on 29 November 1990, Rita is a British singer, actress as well as a fashion icon. Rita can be described as a self-made woman going from strength to strength when it comes to fashion. Her siren red lips and trademark blonde hair makes her a very striking person to behold. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and she is known for her bolder clothing that shows her loud personality. On the other hand, Eva Chen is a Taiwanese woman powerhouse. Despite being the co-founder of trend micro and the new editor of the lucky magazine, Eva Chen can give most people around the world a daily fashion dose. She always cut a distinctive figure on the fashion circuit and has an ear to ear smile that compliments her body figure.

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Yes, I would make a good fashion ambassador in my community considering that there is no formal education and certification required. To become a fashion ambassador, I need to develop my skills, learn more about designing and decide which designing field is my main interest (Bruzzi, 2013). Constant study and research will keep me on the top


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