When I stepped into class the first time, I had no idea of what wanted to become, and had little zeal in life; just living each day as it was. After taking the English courses, I started to develop a great and unmatched passion for the subject. Often, I would find my mind engrossed deeply with another writer’s mind as I flipped the pages of a book, trying to figure out the true meaning or the true intentions of the author. It was then that I realized about what I intend to do in future.

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Although I had been good in writing since junior years, I never realized it could hold the key to unlocking doors to my future success. To me, writing was for the rich and famous – the kind we are accustomed to on popular newspapers and magazines. As I took more interest in the English course, the inspiration grew, and I have come to realize that writing can be a rewarding career like any other. More importantly, even the young people can easily join the elite class of writers.

I have developed my writing skills past the high school essay forms that majority of us are accustomed to. One of the greatest things I have learned is critical thinking; going beyond the bare meaning of the written words. By reading different novels, I have also come to fathom a variety of writing styles and make connections between them. And as Morrison (1996) says, writing is all about “creating and producing and distributing knowledge.” It is my dream that by pursuing English course in college, I will be able to share my knowledge with others and change their lives in some way.


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