Recommendation on training and practice for law enforcement


Create?a 7- to 12-slide Microsoft??PowerPoint??presentation about your selected trend (choosen trend is in the reference) with detailed speaker notes.(I only need two slides and no title slides)
Include?the following in your presentation:
Recommendations on how law enforcement can proactively address the trend to include:
Training, policy, practice, potential issues?

Sample paper

Cases of mental illness have increased in the last four decades meaning that inpatient services cannot accommodate everyone. Law enforcement officers always come into contact with a high number of mentally ill individuals in the course of their work.  Due to their mental disorders, these individuals are more prevalent to commit crime than the healthy population. It can be challenging for police officers to interact with such people. This raises the need to have police officers trained on how to handle such individuals.

The most common method being applied by the criminal justice system is the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) model. This involves a partnership between mental health experts and law enforcement personnel. Police officers are trained on how to understand mental disorders and how they can confront the mentally ill individuals peacefully. The officers go through 40 hours of intensive training and practical instruction so that they can become certified members of the CIT program. This way they are equipped with skills that enable them to comfortably deal with situations involving mentally ill individuals while still prioritizing public safety. It is the obligation of police officers to protect the disabled. Their actions while they encounter with mentally ill individuals not only affect the victims but also the community and the whole criminal justice system.

Training also enables the officers to respond to any problems that may arise. The chances of sustaining injuries in the course of duty are reduced. The CIT programs assists in addressing the needs of the mentally ill and links them with the appropriate services. Getting out of the criminal justice system is the hallmark of the program’s success. Alongside these programs, policies that address the needs of the mentally ill offenders should be designed and implemented.  These individuals can only lead productive lives if nothing is left to chance in helping them get treatment. The policies should also include all potential issues that may arise in these scenarios and how they can be addressed in a timely and effective manner.


Develop individually, a criminal justice case study that involves the need for an intervention.