Develop individually, a criminal justice case study that involves the need for an intervention.


Develop,?individually, a criminal justice case study that involves the need for an intervention. This means you are going to be developing a hypothetical case study.? Include enough detail in your hypothetical case study that another team member could create a behavior plan based on the information provided. I have provided sample case studies to give an idea of what is needed. Thank you

Sample paper


David is a 32 year old lawyer currently working in one of the best law firms in the city. He attended a law school and has a degree in Law. Throughout his school life, he was a brilliant student who achieved high grades enabling him to achieve his long time dream of becoming a lawyer. He was referred to you by his colleague who discovered that he had a drinking problem.

During the first appointment, he reveals that he had a troubled childhood. Throughout his life, he watched as his father mentally, emotionally and physically abused his mother. Although the parents worked to provide for him and his three other siblings, he did not enjoy the peace and love as a child. The events that were happening in the homestead were haunting him. He started drinking when he was 17 as a way of dealing with the problems at home. He acknowledges that he that he always knew that drinking was not good for him but he swore to stop drinking once he went to college. He did stick to his promise and stopped drinking after joining law school. However, he resumed the habit after his mother died a year later after suffering from blood pressure. He has been unable to stop drinking since then and blames his father for the untimely death of his mother.

David is friendly and brings some vigor in the group. However as the sessions continue, you discover that he has had his employment terminated in two different firms due to drinking. Former colleagues say that he had a bad reputation of reporting to work late and could not concentrate. In one of the firms, he punched a colleague who dared to question his work ethics prompting him to file charges which were later withdrawn after the firm managers intervened.   He is not married but he says that he has been with six sexual partners in the last year. He also says that he no longer has a relationship with his father and has not communicated or seen him for the last five years. He says that his father is to blame for all his problems.

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