Project Management


Project Proposal

You have been selected to be the project manager (for a project of your choice). The project you choose here will be used again in Assignment 4 (Week 6) and you may be asked to reference this project in subsequent weekly discussions. The project that you decide to use should meet the key criteria of a project, such as (a) having a beginning and an end; (b) results in something being delivered to someone; (c) requires a series of activities that must be done to complete the project; and (d) requires resources (e.g, people, materials) to complete the work. The project can be one of a personal or professional nature.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you define the scope of your chosen project. In your paper you must:
1.Provide a brief summary of your chosen project.
2.Describe at least three (3) project goals and three (3) project objectives.
3.Identify the key customer(s) and at least two (2) stakeholders for your project. Remember, you are delivering the project to your customer(s); however, there are others (stakeholders) who have a vested interest in your project.
4.Describe at least three (3) key milestones and /or deliverables for your project.
5.Describe a high-level timeline that includes key tasks and deadlines.
6.Estimate the project’s overall cost and any key staffing and non-staffing resources needed.
7.Examine your project’s greatest challenge and provide a recommendation for addressing the challenge in question.

Sample paper

 Project Management


For decades and years, businesses and organizations have been introducing projects in their operations from time to time all in an attempt to improve the operations and market share of a business. However, it is prudent for all project managers to understand that each project is unique in that it has no routine operation and that each project takes a unique set of skills to be accomplished. Being selected and appointed as the Project Manager gives an individual the responsibilities and powers of ensuring that they monitor and manage all operations of the project to meet the deadlines and work within the budget (Project Management Institute, 2017).

Summary of the Project

Project management is an extremely important branch of science that helps ensure that the desired objectives and goals get fulfilled on time in excellent quality and a planned manner. It is worth noting that for a project to be accomplished, there is the need for teamwork among the project team members that ensures that everything works out as planned. Likewise, this project under consideration is associated with the development of a fashion line which will be promoted and advertised on the web. Owing to the increasing competition in the fashion industry, there is the need for the G-10 fashion company to design a website that will help to get to their customers across the globe. The website will first be launched only in the States, but over a period, it will be expanded to other geographies as well.

Project Goals and Objectives

It is highly important for any project to have a well-defined set of goals and specific objectives before initiating a project in a company as they give a sense of direction to the project team. Likewise, this project is also associated with three main goals and three main objectives.

The three goals include:

  1. To have an online presence for G10 fashion by the end of May 2018
  2. To have the website well known in the United States
  3. To offer an extremely wide range of products to the shoppers

The three objectives include:

  1. To have at least 10000 registered users by the end of June 2018
  2. To have an excellent customer service and support team
  3. To make website a real and true shopping experience by improving customer experience

Key Customers and Key Stakeholders

Every project or activity must have a target population that it aims to meet their needs and wants. Therefore, this project must have a specific set of customers and stakeholders who are directly or indirectly associated with the designing and launching of the G10 fashion website (Project Management Institute, 2017). Likewise, the key customers for the website development project for the G10 Fashion include:

  1. Shoppers and end users – these are the main consumers of our clothing line, and they make the largest percentage of the customers.
  2. Teenagers and young individuals – this is the target customers of all our products. Given the size of the youths in the country, they can present enough market for the clothing line.
  3. All those individuals who prefer and like to shop online instead of visiting the stores – with the recent and rampant innovations and inventions in technology, individuals are shopping and purchasing their products on the internet. Therefore, developing the website will help to tap this market.

Also, the main stakeholders will include:

  • The management of the company who provide the needed leadership to succeed.
  • Financiers who provide financial support to the success of the project.
  • Media and publishers
  • Employees who will be interacting one on one with the customers.

Key Milestones and Deliverables

The key milestones for the project under consideration include:

  1. Finalization of the project requirement
  2. Development of a high-level management structure
  3. Designing and development of a beta version of the website
  4. Improving the customer base to increase the market share

High-level Timeline

The high-level timeline with main tasks and deadlines includes:

  1. Finalization of the project requirement – February 1, 2018
  2. Development of a high-level management structure – February 10, 2018
  3. Language coding and technical capabilities – February 21, 2018
  4. Recruitment and Hiring of a development team – February 27, 2018
  5. Start of the website development – March 5, 2018
  6. Testing of the website – March 30, 2016
  7. Launch of a beta version – April 10, 2016
  8. Final launch of the website – April 27 30, 2016

Project’s Overall Cost and Resources

The total estimated cost of the project is USD 750 that covers the development costs as well as acquiring all the required licenses and certificates for its launch. Other requirements for the project include hiring the appropriate technical resources that can help with the development of the website that will be both technically robust as well as attractive (Dignen, 2012).

Handling the Associated Challenges

Every project comes with its own set of challenges and issues. Similarly, the biggest challenge for this project includes meeting the deadline and making the website user-friendly to attract more customers to view and purchase the products of the company. Therefore, system developers need to have a plan on how to meet the need and requirement and the extent of services to be included on the website.

This challenge will be resolved using a step by step approach, where needs and requirements will be evaluated based on the experience and industry trends. This strategy gives the company to independently evaluate the challenge and find a solution based on the current trends in the market (Aarseth, Rolstadås, & Andersen, 2013).


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