How does prohibition past affect the drug war now?

  1. To access the film  A Nation of Drunkards: Prohibition—A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick,

While in discussion.  Please do not forget to cite your sources internally and externally) And discuss such things like this:

Did alcohol prohibition work?

Explain something about prohibition you may have learned from the PBS show and how the drug war affects us?

How does prohibition past affect the drug war now?

Why did we have prohibition of alcohol and fail?

if you cannot access find as much information to answer questions.

2)Medical Marijuana is a very controversial issue at this point.  In 14 states, marijuana is considered legal for medical use. The federal government says that it is illegal all over the 50 states.  Determine what side of the spectrum of the legalization of medical marijuana use you stand.  Explain your reasoning. Maybe try to convince the other person (opposite opinion) that they need to see (constructively) your way of thinking.

3 )What are the social factors that are associated with drug use?  How can we (evidence based – citations) influence the cessation of the use of these drugs by using cultural norms? What other (evidence based) practices are out there that could influence the reduction of use of these drugs and how? How would you as an administrator or legislator set these motions into practice.  Remember:  Citations.  4 posts.   Remember to ask yourself, is your policy actually Constitutional (must be). Check Constitutional policy and if they are feasible.  Constructive criticism only. Attempt to see if you can either economically or policy issue-wise, de-construct other classmate’s ideas while continuing to fight for the policy which you have constructed. don’t give all your good stuff away too early, and think about the Constitutionality of the 18th and 21st Amendments and were they really Constitutional?  I think that they infringed on some people’s rights. But, when an Amendment is made, it is then Constitutional.  But, you all are making policy.  So, let’s keep it fun.


REMEMBER SOURCE EVERYTHING! Only 15% direct quotation. Can be short answer just detail follow rubric first page on attachment