Operationalize the popular criminal justice term “recidivism”

This week (as a class) we are going to attempt to operationalize the popular criminal justice term “recidivism”.



Let’s pretend we have been asked, as researchers, to determine if a reentry preparation program has been effective at reducing recidivism. As researchers, we must first work together as a team to operationalize our key research term (recidivism).
1. What does recidivism mean?
2. How do we need to measure recidivism?
*Do we count an arrest, or do we only count it if it results in another conviction? Does it need to be for any conviction (i.e., traffic), or will it only count if it is a major conviction (i.e., felony), or will it only count if it were for the same crime?
*How long do we follow-up with the subjects to see whether or not there has been any recidivism (i.e. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, life, etc. )?
3. Propose your ideas for this research project by posting how you would like to measure (operationalize) the term “recidivism” and then make sure to interact with at least two of your classmates about their ideas for operationalizing this term.