Policy Monitoring Process


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Policy Monitoring

Stakeholders should be included in the policy monitoring process .it is also important to ensure that experts from different areas such as data analysts, advocates, accountants are involved in evaluating the policies. Policy monitoring ensures the stakeholders are informed of the policy development and implementation process and the challenges encountered in the process.

Policy monitoring is a key element in the success of any organization. Donor agencies and grant providers want assurance that they chanel their money in a productive project. This makes policy monitoring ensures that all the stakeholders are content with the policies.

A high capacity method involves effective and systematic collection, analysis, communication and use of the data required for the process. It also provides the outcomes expected from development and implementation of a policy.

To improve the process of developing and implementing a policy, the data used should include financial and service delivery data.

In addition, it is important to build concrete relationships with stakeholders, organizations and individuals in order to make policy monitoring process adequate.

Finally, the impact of policy development and implementation should be evaluated to ensure that monitoring process is efficient. The pros and cons of the policy should be included.

Policy Making in the Criminal Justice System