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Write a pitch letter based on a current fashion event.

– Your pitch should take into account the publication’s audience and past stories (i.e. do your research and don’t pitch a story they’ve already published).- The letters should be fairly brief but include a mention of why the story is timely and a good fit for readers.- Be sure to address the pitch to the appropriate editor at the publication (make sure you get the person’s name and title correct). It can be a local or national publication.

You will be judged on the originality of the pitches, and your pitches and story ideas should be well-suited to the publications you have chosen.

Do your research: If you choose to pitch a trend piece or a designer profile, make sure it’s not something that’s already been covered extensively.


 Fashion: Fabshoes

May 6, 2016

Mrs. Vanessa k. Bush

Editor in chief

Essence Magazine

New York, NY 10020

Dear Vanessa:

Luxury, comfort, prestige these are just but a few of  what the high end American woman would go for and would not fringe to pay a huge sum of money just to get it, this explains the fascination the average American woman has with designer shoes. The market for it is huge due to the numerous fashion events taking place like the New York fashion week. Who’s to meet this current demand if not Fabshoe? A power shoe company which is unique and like no other shoe brand in its designs. It not only understands what women need but goes overboard to impress, they understand women and their shoe. You’ve got to see their current collection, its breath taking.

Fabshoes are not only sleek and classy but shows sophistication but are also very comfortable. They come in different sizes, heights and color which will suite every shoe lover’s preference. They believe in offering the best thus realizing one of our core values which is quality. They not only realize this through their affordable prices but ensure that the material used is of high standard. With the numerous stores opened across the country they are sure of reaching out to their many clients.

To get more insight into Fabshoes world check out their webpage and you will not be disappointed, all their shoe collections are there .Hope to get in touch and possibly get a feature in your magazine at the shoe column. Get to us through our email address,




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