Performance Measurement Model

Performance Measurement Model

A performance measurement model is a tool used by managers to assess the outcomes of their organizations. This helps managers to steer their organizations in the right direction.  Performance measurement is not a new concept; it has been in practice for a long time but it became a formal management strategy in 1960. This is when the department of defense issued a set of criteria to define the right standards for management control as a way to reduce program cost overruns. Since then, performance measurement has become increasingly important in both public and private sectors all over the world (, 2016).

A performance measurement model defines the qualities that an effective management should possess and establish implementation rules. Basic principles of performance measurement require that

  1. All the work must be measured. It is only possible to manage work if it can be assessed or measured. Therefore, any work that cannot be measured should be eliminated. Work measurement is in terms of resources such as manpower, investment and any expenses made to produce the desired results.
  2. The desired performance outcomes for measured work should be established. This ensures that not only is level of effort attained but also achieves accountability.
  3. Organizational performance can be evaluated through a regular performance baseline. The baseline gives the standard for evaluating the results of an organization, obtaining the variances and corrective action implementation.
  4. Financial and operating performance reports should be produced in the same reporting period and frequency. This should be consistent with the regular phased performance baseline.
  5. Variance analyses and performance reporting should be done frequently in order to have a timely corrective plan. A variance analysis determines whether a corrective plan is needed in order to meet operating and financial goals.

Performance measurement models are very useful in the criminal justice system. The measures play a big role in policy development and implementation and have tremendous impact on all the sectors of the system.


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