Motivation for Coming To College

Research shows that most students and individuals want to graduate from college, but lacks the motivation to go to college. However, it is upon the student to find the motivating factor that can help them go all the way through to the graduation. One of the major motivating factors for my going to the college is to get my degree. Growing up in a society where leaders do not work in the best interest of the citizen and many failed public projects, I feel like I owe my community to having the skills and knowledge to manage projects (Berkling, 2015). I want to learn how I can effectively manage projects in my society to so that I can contribute to the growth and development of my community.

Additionally, the current economic status in the country only favors educated individuals who secure luxury and good jobs in the country.  As a result, future earning goals has been one of my major motivating factors to go to college. The thought of having a family and shouldering the needs of my immediate and extended family gives me more desire to go to college to have the skills and knowledge that can help me secure a well-paying job to support them. Finally, the desire to accomplish my sense of achievement and my goal for completing a long-held personal objective is increasingly giving me the necessary drive to go to college (Berkling, 2015) The need and joy of learning and empowerment it brings into my life keeps me going.  The thought of learning something new and facing new challenges in everyday life gives me the necessary motivation not only to go to college but to successfully graduate from college.


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