Spring-Summer/2017 Frugoletto-Fashion show review at Moscow Fashion Week


Please write an SPRING-SUMMER/2017 FRUGOLETTO BY RASCHINI fashion show review at Moscow Fashion Week. Describe some details of these garments.

Please critic this brand’s collection and give some advice to this emerging fashion designer about what is not good for their’s design, and how they can improve their work.

You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Your piece should articulate a well-formulated, coherent, and well-defined opinion on the collection.

Below are the links to this newest collection and brand’s site:

http://mercedesbenzfashionweek.ru/en/seasons/33/9034-frugoletto33 http://mercedesbenzfashionweek.ru/en/designers/frugoletto-by-raschini


Spring-Summer/2017 Frugoletto-Fashion show review at Moscow Fashion Week

The Frugoletto collection by Raschini promises to introduce a new sense of style in the fashion industry. The designs borrow heavily from the classical Italian traditions associated with the Raschini House. The new wear collection features some handmade items as per the customers’ specific tastes and preferences. Raschini designs focus on children, with an emphasis on quality. The major goal is to develop accessories that are of high quality and which promise to overhaul entirely children’s wardrobe. The designs represent Raschini’s enthusiasm to turn even the wildest ideas into reality in order to satisfy the diverse customer needs. The brand is delivered worldwide, with customers from all over the world making orders for their children. Although this is an innovative idea whereby the customers makes request for exclusive designs, it is not without inherent challenges (Frugoletto, n.d).

Frugoletto by Raschini may be watered down by lack of innovativeness with regard to the designs. This is possible because majority of customers may only request for popular designs by other well-known designers. Although there could be changes to these new designs, most of the designs may simply be a regurgitation of previous designs in the fashion industry. As such, the individual approach to clothes designs may not lead to innovativeness. This will hinder the design of unique items and reduce the brand popularity. Thus, in as much as Frugoletto by Raschini emphasizes an individual approach, the brand should develop its own unique designs that are not the imaginations of its clients. This is what actually demonstrates innovativeness and creativity.


Frugoletto. (n.d). Frugoletto by Raschini. Retrieved from             http://mercedesbenzfashionweek.ru/en/designers/frugoletto-by-raschini

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