Missouri Corrections policy


Prepare an evaluation proposal (including anticipated results) for criminal justice policy or program in your area of interest.I have chosen (Corrections) as the area of interest.Create a Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation with detailed speaker notes. The proposal should include:.A background section, including a description of the policy or program, and the goals and objectives of the program.Format your presentation in accordance with APA guidelines.

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Criminal Justice Policy in Practice Evaluation Proposal

A sentencing and corrections oversight commission comprising of 13 members was set up to oversee and monitor the implementation of this policy.  The commission has the responsibility to determine any possible ways to reinvest cost savings. There were projections that this act would save the state over a half million dollars by reducing the number of offenders in the state prisons. In December 2013, a report by the commission gave recommendations stating that the criminal code be updated and revised. This recommendation was adopted by the legislature in 2014. This policy shows the efforts by the criminal justice system to enforce behavior change in offenders’ lives. The policy is an example of the new evidence based strategies to reduce recidivism and ensure that that the safety of the public is not compromised.  This was an improvement from the traditional views of prisoner programs that provided only two options, rehabilitation and incapacitation. The policies that use evidence based programs to enforce behavior change have made a huge impact in reducing prison population and enhanced security.

The future of criminal justice policy